Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh my...

All I gotta say is that she better have a great sense of humor!

Monday, October 27, 2008


This year, instead of just the deer hunt, Mike & I also had the privilege of enjoying the Elk hunt. We went up into the mountains and about 20 minutes after we got the tent set up, it started raining, which it continued to do all weekend long. Wonderful for us, right? It got cold! On the other hand, it was absolutely beautiful. The trees were in their majestic fall colors. While we didn't get anything except elder berries, we got to enjoy the fall colors. Here are some of the favorites from the Elk Hunt. Mike on the hunt! Jake is normally afraid of the water, unless he is hunting water skeeters!Bocci Ball!Aren't the mountains beautiful?You have got to love these colors! More beautiful colors, but notice the aspen coming out of the pine tree!

A couple of weeks later, we again loaded up all of our gear and went to the mountains. This time, in search of deer. Instead of rain (or snow like we got last year,) we got beautiful weather! It did get cold at night, but we stayed very warm (thanks Mark for stoking the fire all night long!) I stayed through Sunday for the hunt, and then on Monday, I got this call, "Becky, you better find a freezer, because I got a deer!" I didn't believe Mike. First, I questioned that he got a deer (or even saw one as we didn't see hardly any bucks through the weekend, unless you count those in the backs of peoples trucks. Then, I questioned the "I got" for "You mean your dad got?" Mike's mom had to get on the phone to confirm that yes, indeed, Mike is the one that got a deer. Yeah Mike! Here are some shots.

Mike & his dad dragging the deer out of the woods. I guess this could be the proverbial hunter shot?

The best though, was when I learned that I got to be the one to take it to the butcher. Can we just say, butcher places stink! Just that smell of raw meat, kinda gross! Then, as I have never had the experience before of having a deer (or any animal for that matter) just chopped, let us just say that it was an interesting experience. Now, I get the opportunity to be introduced to deer meat, and as Mike, his mom, and his dad are all betting that I won't like it, I may just have to eat it with a smile (and really hope that it do find it tasty!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tagged, Again?

OK, I had a few minutes to spare yesterday, (really I didn't, I was avoiding homework) so I decided to blog stalk. In the process, I discovered that I had been tagged by somebody else. If I don't get a comment, I don't know...sorry.

This one is called: It is who I am...

I am...completely obsessed with being organized when working on group projects.
I Want....to know where I am going to be doing my student teaching.
I Have....a TON of homework (boring huh?)
I Wish...I could be as organized with the rest of my life as I am with group projects.
I Hate...fish. The French had it right when they say fish is POISEN!
I Fear...the unkown.
I Hear....work chatter.
I Search...for small items that I seem to lose all the time.
I Wonder...if I will ever have any freetime to just relax and not have any lists in my mind of things to accomplish.
I Always...end up leaving my house late and end up being late to the first thing of the day. Lame.
I Usually...speed on the freeway.
I Am Not...normally a downer person.
I Dance...and people laugh.
I Sing...not very well.
I Never...get enough sleep.
I Rarely...feel that I am all caught up.
I Cry...at just about everything, even commercials on T.V.
I am Not Always...punctual.
I Lose...my mind often.
I'm Confused...by the concept attainment model (for lesson plans.)
I Need...a vacation! Deer hunt anyone?
I Should...be caught up in homework, but I am not.
I Dream...of being done with school.

I tag Molly (she is sorely in need of an updated post), and Leanne. Anyone else that would like to do it is more than welcome!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Praxis Results!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, there are a lot of exclamation points for a reason! I received an e-mail yesterday telling me that I could log on to the Praxis website to view the score of the big test. I did, and it wasn't there. Disappointing, isn't it. I figured that we weren't supposed to find out until today, so I would wait. I logged on again, and it wasn't there.

What? Why do they tell us to do something and than not have the information there? So I called them. Smart, huh? I didn't want to pay the $30 to find out my results over the phone, (really, who does this as they already pay an arm and a leg to take the test?) so I waited for a representative who informed me that the test results would be available after 5 PM Eastern Time. OK, makes sense. (Not Really) The results will be available after most peoples working day is over.

Just so you know, they weren't available right at 5 PM Eastern Time, but they are now! I PASSED!!! Mike will probably think that I am silly that I am so excited, but I was really worried. There is a total of 200 available and I needed 168 to pass for UVU and the State of Utah Education system and I got 186! Yippee! There is a stress out of my mind. Whew, I know that I don't have to do the dreaded retake! Celebration!

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I have been TAGGED! (Thanks Nicole!)

I guess I can't complain about being tagged as it has been a LONG time since I have been tagged (or actually did it.) Here goes:

1 - I have been to more countries in the world than states in the United States. Seriously, Mike wonders why I don't see more of my own backyard, but I think that I have him convinced it would be super fun to go outside of the US at some point in time.

2 - I cannot bend my left pinkie finger. It is even shorter then its companion on my right hand. The reason? Don't ever fight for the right to cut something with a sharp knife with your older and wiser 4 year old sister. (I was 3 at the time and don't remember it getting almost cut off.)

3 - I used to play the violin. I can't say that I was ever good at it (a lack of practicing has something to do with that) and would probably cause people to cover their ears and run screaming if I tried to play anything today.

4 - I love, Love, LOVE Photography. OK, this isn't so random to most of you who know me, but I love creating, looking, admiring etc. One day, I feel like I will have the time to make the time to actually create something artsy again.

5 - I am a certifiable book worm. I love books and have been known to read a book in less than 24 hours (if it is especially good.)

6 - I say random things all the time. These things come to mind and usually leave my mouth without much (if any) thought. This causes much laughter and enjoyment for those around me. In my defense, my sister is the same way. Her friend even named this phenomenon, it is called Jennieisms.

7 - I am a freak about my grades. I think that I put too much thought into them and love to get A's.

I tag, Jennie, Amanda, Rosie, Lindsey, Amber, Mindy, and Miranda!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have been remiss

On September 27th, I received the wonderful opportunity to go to Women's Conference in person, and I have not yet written about it! It is amazing how time flies.

I had the opportunity to get tickets through my stake, but didn't need to as Rosie also got some tickets. Rosie, Kimber and I all made the trek up to Salt Lake City to enjoy this wonderful experience. I have to admit, I am not the most faithful Women's Conference attender, which is much to my detriment, because I always learn when I do attend. I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to attend in person rather than watching it via satellite.

As many women converged on Salt Lake City to attend Women's Conference, it took a little bit of time to park and make our way to the conference center, but it was well worth it. Our tickets were for the balcony area, which is where I get to sit anytime I have been to the Conference Center; however, as the three of us were making our way to the stairs to start up, one of the ushers stopped us. He said, "Oh no, don't go up there, go sit in on the main floor."

Are you serious? That is cool! We were late enough that when we walked in, President Monson, our prophet, was in the process of taking his seat, so everybody was standing. Unfortunately, because we were trying to get our seats also, we could not stop and enjoy this portion. We made our way the the side and found some seats that were much closer than we had anticipated.

The speakers were amazing. We were reminded that, although the Relief Society is doing amazing things, we are just getting started. We have this amazing responsibility that we cannot forget, to help bring the world comfort and to help spread the knowledge of the gospel. The talk though, that had the most impact on me was President Uchtdorf. He reminded us, in a very simple way, that we are not perfect and we should not expect perfection in all our doings. How amazing is this? He also reminded us that if we make it our goal to spread sunshine to those around us, we cannot help but be happy also. These are some great reminders, "Scatter Sunshine."

I know it has been a couple of weeks, and I don't have my notes with me right now that I took, but these are the impressions that I remember and that I came away with. I am so thankful that we have leaders that can help guide us, to push us to be better, but to teach us not to be too harsh on ourselves.