Friday, October 23, 2009

Mobile Phone Pictures

These are some pictures that I took with my phone, that I loved, but have been unable to share until now. I haven't been able to connect to my computer via blue tooth (something about having to verify passwords or pins...) and so Mike hooked up his phone and transferred them. These pictures range from a couple of weeks to today.

While these pictures don't look as god as they do on the little screen of my phone, I love them. Some of the pictures showcase E's first smiles (and how could you not just love that little toothless grin?) You can also see the progression of his little cheeks filling out. He is just our adorable little man.

Just Chillen'
First smile! Captured on Camera!!
I am not going to smile! Even though you are trying to make me :)
This is the smile that let mom know everything is ok with the world
(isn't it adorable?)
Just chillen' (at a couple of weeks old.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Pictures

Here are more pictures of our cute little boy! I cannot believe how fast he is growing! He changes so much everyday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who do I look like?

When E was born, all the nurses thought he looked like me. As he has gotten a bit older, we hear more and more people say he looks like Mike. So, we are going to ask everyone what they think? (I think E was most unfortunate to inherit the Lewis nose, it is rather large...) While E does have my hair color (with the reddish highlights and all,) the amount, he definitely got the amount of hair from Mike.

Mike at 1 month
Becky around 1 month And E...E again...
So, who do you think E looks like? Or is he just a good mixture of both of us?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

4 weeks!

I am 4 weeks old, can you believe how fast I am growing? It seems like just yesterday that I was born.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A weed?

Seriously, a weed. That is what I am starting to think I gave birth too. Yesterday, E had his 1 month appointment to make sure that he is a well baby, and oh, he so is a well baby. He is now measuring 23 inches (seriously? My little guy grew 2 1/2 inches in a month???) and 11.2 lbs. This may explain why I had to finally put aside the newborn pajamas and move up to the 3 month. Poor little E couldn't stretch out his legs in them.

The nurse gave me a little chart of where E is with his height and weight and his age group. He is 100%. His weight was right at the top and his length was actually off the chart. Seriously, he is growing way too fast! But, I am so glad that he is a healthy little baby boy.

On a side note, there was a little baby girl at the doctors who was born on the same day as E. She was 4 weeks early, so for her to be smaller is to be expected, but E was seriously twice her size! She was just barely weighing in at over 6 lbs. That is smaller than E when he was born! She looked so tiny and fragile next to him. I just slightly wished that he had been that size when he was born (is it easier if they are smaller?) but am so glad that he is healthy.

E has earned or received quite a few nicknames. Here are a few, and the reasons why he has them...

Little Duke (Mike's dad loves John Wayne and has taken to calling E Little Duke. I am hoping that this doesn't mean E looks like John Wayne, but Mike's dad has a special nickname for each of his grandkids. It makes it fun for them, both the grandkids and grandpa. These nicknames have a tendency to be picked up by the rest of the family and used.)
Squealer (E has a tendency sometimes to squeal. That tendency, I think, is slowly being outgrown.)
Little Squirt (hahaha, guess how he got this one. It happened when he got Mike.)
Little Man (he doesn't look like a baby, but a little man. :( Should I be sad about that?
Chunky Monkey (this one is because of how fast he is growing! He is also starting to get the adorable baby rolls, slowly but surely.)

He has more, I am just having momma brain right now and can't remember them. I just can't get over how much I love being with my little guy, and how cute he is. Gosh, I love being a mom!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Proctor Family Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our family photo shoot on Saturday. To see more, go here.

3 Week Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures from my 3 week photo shoot with E...gosh, he is getting so big so fast...


Today is my 3 week birthday. I just wanted to show some of the pictures chronicling my life so far. My mommy will probably be taking a lot of pictures since that is what she likes to do and all.

This is me just a few minutes after I was born.
This is me when I was 1 day old.
This is me when I was 2 days old (my doctor took this picture, cool, eh?)
This is me at 1 week old.

This is me around 2 weeks old.
This is me at 3 weeks old.

Crazy busy

I never thought that taking care of a newborn would be so time consuming, but I am loving every minute of it...even though I suffer frequently from sleep deprivation. This weekend seemed especially busy.

Friday night, I enjoyed my first evening baby free since E was born. Mike stayed home with him (good thing we found out earlier in the day that he will take a bottle, if we are prepared) and I went shopping with Amanda, Rosie, and Mike's mom for something to wear for the Proctor family pictures Saturday morning. I was away from E for 3 hours, and because I hadn't been planning on going anywhere that night, I looked slightly worse for wear (really, it was slightly embarrassing how I looked,) but Rosie kindly stated, "We'll just tell people, new mom out of the house!" It was actually a fun evening, and I didn't stress like I thought I would being out without my little guy.

Saturday morning started early with family pictures. Let me tell you, with a newborn schedule, getting anywhere by 7:40 AM proved more work than I am used to, and all of us having to look nice! But we did it, and pictures were keep watching the blog for our cute little family pictures!

After pictures, we all drove the Alpine Loop. We stopped at Cascade Springs and was a lot of fun! M had to help "push" the stroller by holding onto the little leash that keeps the stroller with you if you fall while jogging. It was cute! M is a big help. E started fussing and M was right there patting him, and E calmed right down. So glad there are such cute cousins.
After getting some relaxing time on Sunday, we headed out to help celebrate B's 5th birthday and M 2nd. Wow, talk about cake that turned your teeth green! It was delish though, and lots of fun watching B and M play with their new toys.