Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby K in his blessing Outfit

I have cute little boys. I love when they start to smile! I was a major slacker and didn't take pictures of Baby K in his blessing outfit until this week. I have been wanting to trim up his hair around his ears, and maybe get rid of the slight mullet on his neck, but wanted to wait until I took these pictures. Once you give the first haircut he will lose any newborn look he may still potentially have. However, my 16 lb 1 oz and 25 1/2 inch 2 month old really doesn't look like a 2 month old. He looks more like a 4 to 5 month old! Enjoy the adorable cuteness that is Baby K!

Cute little outfit provided by Grandma Proctor.

Adorable little shoes provided by Granny Lew (Lewis.)

Hurry and take the picture mom, I am being patient!

Little, pudgy baby hands are so kissable and cute!

Without another 2 month old to compare, it might be hard to see how big he really is, but he is big!

And happy!

And we love him!

Love this smile!

Splash Pad and BBQ

The Friday before I headed back to work, we got together with the cousins on the Proctor side of the family for some good, fun in the sun times. We headed to the Alpine Splash Pad. This place is amazing! It has a little river that runs through big rocks. Some of the rocks have water gurgling out of them. Then the water splashes out of fountains at the end. There is lots to do and it is lots of fun! Unfortunately, our fun ended much too early after somebody had a little "accident" in the water and they turned the water off. While I am glad that they turned it off after this, I was sad for all the cousins who were having fun playing in the water.

Little Man has found he LOVES playing in the water

All the cousins, minus the 2 little ones.

I am King of the Hill!
On Saturday, after a long day making strawberry jam (yummy) we went out to a bbq at the Skinners. I love that Little Man has cousins his age on at least one side of the family. On my side, the cousins are at least 3 years older than him. The little ones loved "racing" and riding their bikes around the little road that goes in front of the Skinners. We stayed long enough to watch the Pony Express Days fireworks from the front yard. It would appar that Little Man has taken a dislike to anything he deems noisy and both Mike and I had to be out watching the fireworks for him to relax and enjoy them.
Everything is a race to Little Man, even if he is last!

J is doing awesome on his strider! He was getting some good distance with his feet up!

Little Man is like a little Flintstone on his "bike." He is learning the peddles, but he is frustrated in how slow he goes using them, so he uses his feet to propel himself forward. He gets speed and has precision in his turns!

Little Miss E is slow and steady on her strider and adorable with her "piggies." With all her boy cousins she will most likely be a tomboy!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had some fun times over Memorial Day weekend! The first was when Mike mowed the lawn. We have been saving our grass and putting it into our garden to help keep the weeds down (and then to mulch it into the soil later in the fall.) Mike was putting the grass clippings into the wheel barrow, which soon resulted in a grass fight with friends.

Little Miss M getting grass to throw at Little Man.

Grass was flying everywhere!
The aftermath. A bath was definatly needed this evening!

This is what Baby K thought of the grass fight!
Little Man loves helping out with Baby K. He loves getting his binky, swinging him in his swing, bouncing him in the bouncer, and lately, changing his diaper. After the incident when Baby K peed on Little Man his first couple days home from the hospital, Little Man has steered clear when changing diapers. However, this has recently changed and Little Man wanted to help. Since his help is very enthusiastic in other areas and borders on possibly hurting Baby K, we are happy to help find calmer ways he can help. {grin}

Gotta wipe really good!

Baby K was excited this diaper change was almost over!
 We soon headed to the desert to have some fun. Mike has a bb gun that he has had from when he was little. He has now told Little Man this is his (I wonder how he will be when he finds out he gets to share this with his brother when Baby K is bigger?) This is the first time he got to shoot it andhe was excited! Mike helped him hold it, but Little Man pulled the trigger. He was pretty good and got the targets!
My boys having fun!

No outing would be complete without digging in the dirt!
Mike then got to take Little Man on a ride on Grandma and Grandpa Proctor's 4-wheeler, something that he loves to do! Imagine his and Mike's surprise when the 4-wheeler started and it imediately jerked forward? Little Man had the throttle down and they enjoyed a rather jerky ride forward. Little Man was scared and now knows he doesn't touch ANYTHING on the 4-wheeler! He did enjoy the ride that daddy took him on afterwards though.

I love that Memorial Day signals what fun we get to look forward to during the summer! Here is to summer fun in the sun!

Bridal Veil Falls

The last Thursday that I was home on maternity leave coincided with the last day of school. My good friend has established a tradition of going to visit Bridal Veil Falls with her kids on this day. I was lucky enough to attend. We packed a lunch and then met up. Sadness that her older two kids chose to hang with their friends at an ice cream party than hang with us at the falls. They missed out!

Little Man loved climbing all over the rocks and trunks in the falls!

Mike and I have been very lax and have only been to the falls once with Little Man. This is something we will need to remedy as they are only 10ish minutes from our house. We just barely didn't fit into one car, so we did the caravan thing. Little Man doesn't fully understand this caravan thing yet. He thinks that when we are going somewhere with somebody they will be in the car with us. The whole drive I kept hearing, "Where Amy mom? Mom, where W? Where M?" I had to pull up next them at a stoplight to show him we were with them.

We got to the falls and boy, was it busy! We walked up to falls, Little Man ran, and the kids LOVED playing in the water. Brrr...it was so cold though! By the time we left the water, Little Man's legs were bright red. He looked like he had been sunburned, but as his legs warmed up, the redness faded. {grin}
Do you ever look like you are enjoying food this much?

Gott pick the perfect rock!
 What is it with toddlers and rocks? Little Man and his bestie (Miss M) spent most of their time playing in the bottom of the falls moving rocks from one place to another. They had to be reminded not to throw them, but they seriously entertained themselves this way for quite a bit! And they were walking bare foot on the rocky bottom in the freezing water to do this! They had a blast though.

After playing in the water, we headed down to find a shady spot on the grass to eat. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have turned out to be Little Man's favorite food of choice lately, so of course, lunch was a hit. Add in eating lunch with friends, sharing orange and apple slices back and forth, and eating "chipees," Little Man was in heaven!

Check out that air!
After lunch, the kiddos moved pretty quickly to jumping off things. They started with this cement block that was pretty low to the ground. They quickly decided that wasn't high enough so they moved to a picnic table. First W, the 5 year old, jumped off. Success! Little Man and Little Miss M just had to do it too! First in the lineup, Little Man. He jumped off, landed on his feet and promptly fell on his bum. Then he tried to stand up. He immediately started to cry and fell back down to his bum. I can't even tell you the thoughts that started to run through my mind! He started to crawl to me as I ran over to him. After hugging him on my lap and some gentle prodding and moving of his foot, I determined that it didn't appear to be broken. I encouraged him to put some weight on it, which he did. He limped off to try to jump off that table again! After being banned from the table, the kids were right back to the low cement box and Little Man was jumping off with the best of them. Whew! No broken foot!

The foot with the toes just barely touching? That is the foot I was worried about. Obviously he has recovered here.
Baby K either slept or cooed and kicked throughout this event. He LOVES being outside! We all love doing things with friends. It is a blast and I love that Little Man already has others he considers his friends. Sometimes, all I hear is when he can go see this or that friend, or this or that cousin. {grin} I love my little boys sociable heart.
Oooooo, look at those leaves!

Climbing to hearts content.

Bridal Veil Falls. Love how green it is right now!

Friday, June 1, 2012


During the month of May, Kennecott Copper Mine had free admission to their visitor's center. We decided to take advantage of it since Little Man loves anything that digs in the dirt or that would be considered a "Big Truck!"

Little Man and the cool exhibits!
 On the last Saturday of the month, we headed up to see what could be seen. I didn't realize that you pay at a gate 4 miles down the road from the visitor's center. I though we were paying for parking, and we hadn't come prepared with any cash. Thankfully, the girl let us in when I told her we thought it was free! Turns out it was. {grin}

The trucks that missed Little Man.

We drove the winding road and pointed out all the "Big Trucks" to Little Man as we approached the visitor's center. We got there, parked the car, and exited into the strongest wind I think I have ever felt! Who knew the wind could be so strong! Because it wasn't a warm day on Saturday, that meant the wind was COLD too! Poor Baby K spent the whole time completely shut up and bundled in the stroller/car seat.

Love Mike's face as he and Little Man are trying to keep hats from blowing away.
 We watched the little educational video about Kennecott and their processes. It was kinda cool, but not exciting for a 2 year old. Then, we went through the visitor's center. Oh man, Little Man was in heaven! He ran from exhibit to exhibit, exclaiming over this "dump twuck" or that "big twuck." He didn't stay still long enough for m to get the best pictures ever, but he had fun!

Mike had just told Little Man that the sign specifically said Little Man couldn't climb into the rail car.
 I think one of my favorite quotes of the day was at the display of all the different types of equipment used in the mine and he looked at me and said, "Dey miss me mommy." Who misses him you ask? All of the trucks, loaders, etc. in the display!

Thank you to the ladies that took a picture of our little family together with crazy wind hair.
 We went back outside to look into the mine. I have never been to Kennecott before so I was a bit unprepared for how big it really is. Little Man loved to just look out. He was less interested in the mine but watched for the trucks. When we would lift him up to get a better view, he had to hang on to his hat. It was so windy we thought it would just blow off his head.

Little Man's view of Kennecott.
 We enjoyed our day together as a little family. It was fun to take Little Man to see something that was so cool for him to see. He is at that perfect age where everything seems to awesome and magical and I am totally loving it!

Baby K is letting us know his thoughts on Kennecott.
 This last story doesn't have anything to do with Kennecott, but since I was caught up in adjusting to a new baby and recovering at Easter, this story never got blogged and it is just too cute not to share. The night before Easter, we had colored some eggs with Little Man. We hadn't done it before and he had fun (and made a big mess!) We put the eggs in the fridge and went to bed. My plan was to get up sometime in the night (since I was up every couple of hours with a brand new baby anyway) and hide the eggs around our living room for Little Man to find in the morning. Well, just as I was going to do this, somebody was up for the day. After convincing him he needed to go get daddy, it gave me a minute to get the eggs and hid them. Imagine our amusement when Little Man came into the living room and found the eggs scattered all over for him to pick up! When we told him the Easter Bunny did it, he kept going around, picking up the eggs. Every now and then, he would stop, put his hands on his hips and growl, "Easter Bunny gotted my eggs." This was one boy that was very upset with the mess that the Easter Bunny left for him to clean up, and that he got the eggs out of the fridge in the first place. Little Man even told Mike that he needs to trap the Easter Bunny! He tells everybody that Daddy is going to trap the Easter Bunny and that the Easter Bunny "gotted" his eggs out of the fridge. I love this little boy!