Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Interesting Conversation

On December 31, more commonly known as New Years Eve, I was over at my parent's house enjoying some simple partying. I sat down on the couch and pretty soon, my 5 year old niece came up to me. This is the conversation that proceeded to happen.

"Aunt Becky, you are having a baby and not telling anyone."

"No sis, I'm not having a baby right now." (It was actually the furthest thing from our minds at that point.)

"Yes you are. You just haven't told anyone."

"No, really, I am not having a baby right now."

"Well, you just haven't told anyone."

"What makes you think that I am having a baby sis?"

"Because you are."

Well, this had my mind racing. I was a little late and now I was really questioning. On January 2nd, I took a test and it was POSITIVE! So, unplanned by either Mike or I, we are having a baby!

We hit a rough patch about a week ago and actually thought we had lost the baby. After some blood tests (really, not much fun) they discovered that I am still pregnant. We then got to make the fun trip over to get an ultrasound. This is way earlier than most people get them, and we got to see our baby and there was a heartbeat, which resulted in much rejoicing! The only downside to this is that I have to take it easy for the next little bit. The placenta has detached a little from the uterus and that is what caused us to think we were losing the baby. This is the conversation that happened Thursday night with my doctor.

"You are at home right now, correct?"

"No, I am student teaching."

"Well, I want you to sit down more than you are up and around."

"You did hear that I am student teaching, right?"

"Well, just stay sitting down as much as possible, and don't lift anything heavy."

"OK, I guess I will just drag a chair to the front of the room and plant myself there." (which by the way, I really did do on Friday.) My doctor really liked that idea.

My cooperating teacher has been 100% supportive of this whole situation and has actually been really great to work with. Mike has forbidden me of wearing my boots (really high heels) for the next seven months and everybody keeps telling me, "You need to sit down." If the end result is a new little bundle of joy to add to our family, I am willing to do all of this.

This is a picture of our little peanut. It is 7 1/2 weeks in this picture. I can't wait to find out if we are having a little boy or girl. Mike really wants a little princess, although he did admit the other day that having a boy would be fun too. Just imagine, a little Mikey pattering around our house after big Mikey. Oh, how cute!

We are not out of the woods yet, so to speak, and would appreciate any and all prayers and thoughts. We will keep you all updated!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Student Teaching

It has begun. Student teaching. Wow, I never thought it would be so exhausting. I started on Monday, January 12, and on Wednesday of that same week, I had full charge of the classes. It was fun. It was tiring. It was exciting. It was slightly, but not too much, nerve wracking. By Friday, I was in the classroom alone. There is a definite freedom to this, but, there was much trepidation when that Friday morning rolled around. It didn't help that life happened in a big way on Thursday afternoon.

I have some students that are definitely not excited for "another stupid student teacher," and I get many questions of, "Where is Mr. Beeson?" or " When is Mr. Beeson coming back?" I also have some students who seem to be excited that I am there, or at least willing to give me a chance. There are some students who are a learning and growing opportunity for me.

All in all, it is a lot of fun, coupled with a ton of work, and overall great times! I actually had one student express dismay when he found out I was only going to be there for third quarter and wouldn't be teaching for the fourth. Little ego boost for me. :)

I would like to apologize if my posts become slightly more erratic as it has been hard to find the time to sit down and actually make a post in the last week and a 1/2. But, please, keep me updated on yours!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Date Night

A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I cleaned out our little bedroom. I am not even sure that you could call it a bedroom, but it is little. In the process, we found an envelope. Hmmm...wonder what is in here? Gift certificates! To a restaurant, the movies and some other places. We decided that we would invite our friends, Amy and Jamie, to go with us out to a movie. They found a babysitter and off we went.

We had decided previously that we wanted to see the movie, Marley and Me. We then heard about how the movie is a tear jerker, and to be prepared. It was, and we were. I made sure to take some Kleenex in my coat pocket.

The night started of great. We picked up Amy and Jamie and made our way to the movie theater, where the line was out of control. By the time we got up to the window to get our tickets, one of the girls started to climb up to put a sold out ticket over a show time. We were sure that she was going to put it on our showing of Marley and Me, but no, after she banged her head (pretty hard I might add) on the sign, she put the sold out on the movie Bride Wars (another that I would love to see, but good luck getting Mike to go with me.) We got the tickets that we wanted and went into the movie. We learned that the back row is favored and had a blast chatting it up until the movie started. Amy had some jelly beans in her purse that she brought out to share. Now, these aren't regular jelly beans, they are like those Harry Potter ones, the ones where you never know what flavor you are going to get. I was trying to see what the flavor was, but couldn't tell as it was dark, but if there was any possible way that it would be bad, I passed it over to Mike. That is how he got the skunk spray flavor. You'll have to ask him how it tasted.

As the previews started, we heard this "hisssssssssssss" sound. Completely hilarious is the fact that Jamie had a soda that he snuck in and when he went to open it, it had this long, drawn out "hisssssssss." We had to try very hard not to laugh, but Jamie got his soda.

The movie is so good. It is so sad. I knew how the movie ended based upon the comments of others, but for those of you who have not seen it, I will not tell you. Just be prepared to laugh and to cry. Movies that are good make you run the gamut of emotions, and Marley and Me definitely did this. I have seen Mike cry very few times in our wedded life, and tonight was one of them. I looked over at him and he (although he will deny it until his dying day) had a tear running down his cheek and he kept sniffling. He refused to use the Kleenex that I tried to pass over to him. It was like, if he used a Kleenex, it would be admitting to the fact that he cried during the movie. The movie is a keeper and one that we would suggest that everybody watch.

We then made our way home and as we dropped off Amy and Jamie, laughed and talked some more. They are a fun couple and we are glad that they like hanging out with us. Thanks for the Date Night!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Discovery

I made a new discovery yesterday. It was pretty amazing, at least for me. You see, I have always hated grapefruit. I find it to be very bitter, which is not at all enjoyable to my lovely taste buds. I just don't enjoy bitter. Period. End of story. You get the point.

On my mission, I was introduced to Pummelos (a really big grapefuit that is really all peel.) Well, really, they called them gator heads on Yap. I was hesitant to try them, but found that they were good. They weren't bitter! I finally found a grapefruit that I could eat and enjoy, but alas, they prove to be very expensive here, especially when the islanders don't give them to you for free, eh?

Despite my newfound love, I have avoided all other grapefruit, fearing the bitterness. Well, on Tuesday, Darryl and Amy (friends from work) gave me a grapefruit. They had received a whole box and were sharing the wealth. It sat on my desk all day. I was very hesitant you see, to eat it. I brought it home in my bag to possibly share with Mike. It never left my bag and got taken back to work on Wednesday. Hmmm....what to do with this grapefruit. Well, I peeled it. I didn't stop at the peel though, I peeled each individual section, and guess what? It wasn't bitter anymore! It was scrumptious! I loved it! I will no longer be afraid of the bitter grapefruit, I just have to peel the whole entire thing, sections and all, taking off all of the bitter skin. You see? You should never be afraid of trying new things, or old things that you had decided a long time ago that it wasn't good. It was so delicious. I must thank you Darryl and Amy.