Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I figured I would give you all a little update since the last post. I have spent a couple of days down in bed (trust me, really boring) because I have had some spotting. I had some on Saturday and stayed down through Sunday night and then again this morning. I got to call my cooperating teacher at 6 am to let him know that I wouldn't be at school this morning (unlike all that I had planned to do.) He is awesome about the whole situation and constantly tells me that my baby comes first.

I went to my Dr. today and he wasn't excited about the spotting. He instructed me to stay in bed until Thursday (another fun phone call to make to my cooperating teacher) and then I got my exam. He told me that if he didn't hear a heartbeat (may still be too early) that he was going to have me do another ultra sound on Thursday. Imagine, 9 weeks and already 2 ultrasounds? Thank goodness, he was able to hear the baby's heartbeat and everything is good there! I still get to take it easy. Plan on being on chair rest for the next couple of weeks (which I have already been doing) and he thinks I will be fine. Yeah! It was awesome to hear our little baby's heartbeat, although it didn't sound anything like the heartbeat I have grown up with, but it was still cool.

So, everything is great, still taking it easy (really easy for the next couple of days) and still growing my little one inside of me. Look out for September!

On a little side note, I had my first student tell me that I "wasn't qualified to be a teacher." Hahaha, this is all from having them turn in their journals to get graded. Yeah for me! I have had a little chuckle about it all weekend!