Monday, January 28, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

We were saddened to hear the news of President Hinckley's passing. However, while we were sad, we couldn't help but think of the reunion that he was currently having with his lifelong sweetheart. President Hinckley has done much for the members of this church, and we have loved him, his wisdom and his wit & humor. While we will miss President Hinckley, we look forward to the future. We know that President Hinckley will probably be even more busy in the spirit world than he was here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


One may ask what one of the funnest things to do may would be teaching your 3 & 5 year old nephews a new game. There is a car game that I have played for many, many years called per-diddle. When you see a car driving toward you that only has one headlight, you hit the roof/ceiling of the car and yell out "Per-Diddle!" Of course, the premise is the one in the car to do this first, wins that round. Through the playing of this game, I learned that Mike had never heard of it, oh the horror! After I taught this game to Mike, we have fun playing it often while in the car, even though Mike does have a tendency to cheat and call per-diddle on the cars behind us!

So, we were driving in our car last night with Tait & Blake and I saw a per-diddle. Of course, I yelled it out and hit the ceiling of the car. Mike then had me teach the game to Tait & Blake, and we were then treated to a chorus of "Per-Diddle" and "Poh-dido" from the back of the car. It was fun, especially knowing that, now, when the boys drive with their parents, they will be treated to this chorus, and may not know the game. Of course, Mike introduced that the winner of the Per-Diddle game gets a treat bought by the loser (he then designated me as the loser,) so not only will they get the chorus of "Per-Diddle" and "Poh-dido", they will also get the chorus of "I win! What do I get for my treat!"

Ha Ha, this is truly a fun thing to do with your two nephews! Teach them a new game that has treats.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The ever growing icicles

They have grown! The icicles have grown to a crazy length. Just check out the one in the front our house that Mike & I didn't even know about until the other day, we were so enthralled with the ones we could see out of our kitchen and living room windows!Of course, if I am taking my camera out to take pictures of the crazy icicles at our home, I can't forget to take pictures of some other things at our home, like the bird feeder. Mike has decided that he has to feed the birds and take care of them, and he does an excellent job at it. Anyway, the snow makes a very picturesque background for a setting
So, another thing that is fun to photograph is a crazy beagle that is running through the snow. A better name for him would have been 'Psychomutt' because when he goes, he goes. He is very difficult to keep up with, unless he decides he wants to be around you or you have him on a leash; but what fun he is!We hope that you enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is what kind of dog Mike is...

Woof woof! You're a St. Bernard!

St. Bernard

No bones about it, you're a dedicated, trustworthy St. Bernard. Loyal and good-hearted, you're as reliable as they come. Your naturally protective personality is reflected in the way you treat people close to you. Sheltering your nearest and dearest from harm (or bad news, for that matter) is high on your priority list. That attitude earns you lots of gold stars, not to mention respect. People admire your strong morals -- and how well you stick to them! Focused, reliable, and determined, you always aim to please. It's a breed like yours that makes the world a better place -- woof!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Being the wonderful person that I am, I accidentally erased all of the blog links that Mike & I had on our page. If we had your blog at one time, and now we don't, please be so kind and share it with us. We were having fun becoming the addicted blog stalkers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Breed of Dog are You?

So, I just took this fabulous test for any dog lovers (it is even fun if you are not a dog lover.) It tells you what kind of dog you are. I found the test on Shane & Katie's blog and you can get to it here. I took the test and here are my results.

Woof woof! You're a Collie!
No bones about it, you're a loyal, nurturing Collie. A sensitive breed, you're always approachable and very in tune with others' feelings -- just like Lassie! Because of your empathetic nature, you tend to be the group psychologist to your circle of friends. Your faithful, easy-going, steadfast personality makes you a wonderful confidant; people love to come to you with their troubles. Bottom line? You're a star at interpersonal relationships and have a knack for making new friends and acquaintances wherever you go. After all, what's a Collie without a flock to look after? Since you're so giving, your buddies might not realise that you need them just as much as they need you, so make sure not to neglect yours truly. Everyone deserves some "me" time. Woof!

I would encourage all to take it, just to find out what kind of dog you would be!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I decided I better make a post before school got too much into the swing of things and I don't find the time to post. I already have to have 200 pages of a book read by Thursday, and I can't even find the book! Hopefully, I can get it on Monday...just in time for me to go to my third class and find out more stuff I have to do. Isn't school great?

Anyway, this was a great New Years. Mark & Rosie invited friends and family meaning the siblings (Mom & Dad just showed up to take 2 little boys with them.) Mark made some dang good BBQ meat, and said he was keeping it a secret where he got it. I am cool with it being a secret, cause that means Mark & Rosie will just have to invite us over to eat more of it sometime :). Afte
r we ate, we played a ton of games. It was fun to play games that we haven't played for a while, like Mafia (thanks Amanda for always thinking I was the Mafia...) It seemed that as the night went on, I kept saying things that everybody thought was funny, and they got funnier as the night progressed. I was extremely tired, I hadn't recovered from staying up past midnight the night before and getting up at 5:30 (that is not something that I would recommend anyone do) and midnight seemed like a long way in coming. It was great though to be a comedian, if even for one night. If I ever do become a comedian, I just have to make sure that my audience is extremely tired. I am so glad that I was able to enliven the night!

Mike & I have discovered something that we love doing, and we hadn't done it in a long time. Sledding, or as Tait and Blake would say, Scubing. So, on Monday night, we asked everybody if they wanted to go on New Years day. What better way to bri
ng in the New Years! You get your exercise hiking up the hill to go down, and then you get a fun ride to the bottom! There were a ton of people at the hill on New Years Day and the snow was much more packed and icy than when we had gone before, but it meant that you went down faster. So much fun! I kept going past the snow into the mud and gravel and as a result, I was covered in mud by the end of the day. It is a good thing that I forgot my little plastic pants to put over my clothes and ended up wearing Mike's jump suit, I didn't even need a coat! Sledding was a ton of fun, and we even got a promise to take us to the 'sledding hill' in Aurora, which is supposed to be much bigger and much more fun! While I took pictures of sledding, I am not too pleased with most of I will post just a they are.

Anyway, we hope that everbody had a Happy New Year! May the year 2008 and be great and bring much happiness for all!