Friday, July 17, 2009

The Demolition

Some of you may know that Mike and I have not been living in our house for the last month. With all of the rain we had in early June, a leak in our roof got much worse, and we discovered mold. They came out and tested it, and it was Stachobotrius (sp?), in other words, the not good mold. Because of this, we have been living in Mike's parents camper trailer on our driveway or in the backyard.

The insurance finally decided they were going to cover the repairs (it seriously took them long enough) and last week, we had the containment go up. Mike refers to it as the CSI lab. Pretty much, we have floor to ceiling plastic with zippered doors around the area where the mold was found. The containment blocks off our bedroom, the bathroom, and the baby room. Until they started demolition, we were able to access our bedroom and bathroom, but seriously, because of all the zippered doors we had to go through, we just removed anything we would need from our bedroom. As a result, all of our clothes are currently in the living room. Convenient, eh?

Because the demo was started today, we no longer get to use the bathroom. Not too bad right now as we still have the bathroom in the trailer. How lucky are we that it was available for us to use? They will be coming back on Monday and doing a little bit more work, and then they will have to retest for mold to see if it is gone. (Let's hope it is.) If it is, the containment comes down and we have our house back! We just have to share it with the builders as they rebuild what they tore down.

Trust me, when I get back in, that house is getting a top to bottom scrubbing. I think I may wait until the rebuild is done so I don't have to clean it twice, but I don't know. We haven't been spending too much time inside and it got a little (LOT) neglected. I never thought I would look so forward to cleaning.

You can see here where they ripped off part of the ceiling. You
can also see down to where our bedroom is cut off. Right in
front is a huge heppa fan that runs all the air through it and
then through a plastic hose that goes out our bedroom window.
One of the reasons we took everything out of the bedroom we needed,
we didn't want to climb over the fan and the hose every time we
went into the bedroom.This is inside the actual containment. I promise, I just stuck my
camera in and snapped a few pictures. This covers a chunk of our
kitchen and blocks off our bedroom etc. You can see where they
pulled off a bunch of the pillar to repair.
This is the view from the kitchen. The red is where one
of the zippered doors is. You can go in that into a little
room where the guys doing the demo suited up in their little
hazmat suits. You then go into another zippered door into
the main containment area.
As you can see, everything in our house is pushed all together.
The table is pushed up right up against the stove and we have
quite a few things pushed in front of others. It makes for a
nice little mess.