Monday, June 21, 2010

Look What E Learned!

It is baby is growing up.

E has been crawling for about a month now. He has been fascinated by the stairs in our home (which, by the way are steep, narrow stairs,) and it has worried me.

Saturday, we stopped by to visit with Grandpa Jack. We were sitting on the back lawn/porch, chatting, and eating a few strawberries. Sidenote: Grandpa Jack's strawberries are WAY better than store bought and E LOVED them! Anyway, E was crawling around and used one of Grandpa's stairs to pull himself of to standing. This is what followed:Yep, once he tried, those stairs were easy for him! Shoot, now I really have to watch him inside the house to keep him away from our stairs until he learns to go down.

You can't visit Grandpa Jack without getting a picture with him! Aren't they a cute pair?Saturday, E went to the Freedom Festival Baby contest. By the time I got him judged, E was tired, rubbing his eyes and not as happy as he normally is. While he smiled at the judges and didn't have a meltdown, he didn't laugh at them, as he is known to do. That is ok, I know my little guy is a cutie and he has a smile to melt your heart. Here are some pictures from the event.
Lately, E has decided to be independent. That includes feeding himself. Most of the time, I can trick him into thinking he is feeding himself while I help out. Others, I am not so lucky. The picture below is when I was mostly lucky and E didn't insist on feeding himself until there was not much left. It resulted in him not being as messy.Yesterday was Father's Day. I just have to say that I am lucky my little guy has such an AMAZING dad. E loves his daddy! Sometimes, I think Mike is E's favorite. Occasionally, I may get a teensy bit jealous that E saves his biggest smiles and laughs for his daddy, but that jealousy goes away quickly when I realize how lucky I am they are such buddies. Yep, I am pretty sure that E is going to be following his daddy around everywhere and then I am going to have two power tool junkies on my hands. Oh, what is a girl to do?

Thanks Mike for being such an amazing, awesome, spectacular dad!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Does this fit?

Does this not fit the wonderful weather we have been having so far into June?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camera Cord

I have found the camera cord! (YEAH!!) Now you will inundated with adorable pictures of a cute little guy.

E loves bath time. Anywhere he is in the house, when he hears the
bath start running, he comes a-crawlin'. He loves playing with his
bath letters. We have discovered they stick to him when he is wet...
E also loves his little red whale. It is always one of the first
toys he grabs in the bath. Hmmm....the red letters are the second
thing he goes for...maybe it is the color red?

This is the picture of all cute baby pictures. It is one of my
favorite pics.

E LOVES his grandpa. Mike & his grandpa are able to get
the biggest laughs out of E. I wish I had gotten a picture
of the kiss that E gave his grandpa, along with the long
drool line connecting them afterwards!

If you want to get a laugh, toss E up in the air. It is 100% guaranteed.

E does NOT like grass. Occasionally we can trick him and if
he sees something he is very interested in, he will crawl over the grass
to get to it. On Sunday, we visited graves. At the first one, I put him
down on the grass. This is how he sat until his little abs couldn't
take the workout any longer. It was a good couple of minutes.

Now that E is crawling, he loves to get into things I didn't have to
worry about before. He especially loves getting into the baby food
we keep in his closet. He tries to eat them.

Sometimes, it is really fun to just let E go when we feed him.
It is also generally easier if he is distracted and thinking he
is feeding himself to get him to eat. He is definitely asserting his
independence early. You might not want to kiss this messy face,
but can you deny the cuteness of it?

I love sleeping babies. There is something so innocent and sweet
about watching them sleep.

Do you remember the post where I talked about E eating different things?
This is the picture of the clementine orange he ate. He loved it!

Daddy likes to give E different things to eat. E likes it when daddy gives him
different things to eat. E really loves it when daddy gives him Oreos.

I may be biased, but I think I definitely have a cutie on my hands!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My New Life

Is there no greater message than this?

My New Life