Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Happenings

I have been absent lately. No excuse really, just haven't been feeling so hot and haven't been doing too much, but that seems to be changing (hopefully, it stays that way!)

We find out in 1 week (the day before Thanksgiving) if Little Man is going to get a baby brother or baby sister. That is, if baby is cooperative. I have felt this one much earlier than I felt Little Man and the other day, I felt the baby do what seemed to be a flip. It was fun!

Little Man had a busy day today. I raked the leaves in our front yard. Should I have raked them? Probably not. I am paying for it right now needing to take the rest of the evening easy. He has worn himself out and is laying on the rug trying to stay awake while crying because he wants to go play some more. Man, I love 2 year olds! Last year, Little Man played in the leaves but didn't fully enjoy it. This year? He had a blast!

One of our neighbors came by and played with Little Man in the leaves. He was awesome and kept piling the leaves up and then tossing Little Man into them. All you heard was, "More?" and "Pway?" I love that he is talking more and more! Unfortunately, we also have to deal with Little Man's frustrations when he is trying to tell us something and we just don't know what he is saying.

Enjoy the leaf playing pictures!