Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long Lost Pictures

I had made the goal to break out my camera more often. Not just my regular camera, but my good one. Yeah, it is heavier and bulkier, but it takes amazing pictures. Only problem? I couldn't download the pictures. Sadness. The reason? Well, my program was on my computer that refuses to start up.

I have been looking all over for the stupid cd that came with my camera when I bought it over 5 years ago. That was 5 moves ago to be exact, plus a trip to London. I should note that the cd didn't go with me to London, but that trip did cause a move.

Tonight, I got to thinking about where else it could possibly be...and there it was! Yeah! So, here is a little highlight of some of the pictures that I pulled off of my camera.

E loves the bathroom. Why? I cannot figure it out. If you do not make sure the door is firmly closed behind you, little feet are sure to follow you in. Even if you are not in the bathroom, if the door is open or the gate is down, you are sure to find him in there if he is missing. I heard a noise, I followed it, and this is what I found. Somebody was climbing into the tub, made it, and spent some time playing. Water? Don't need it! At least the brand new roll of toilet paper stayed on the roll this time!E inherited a toy zebra. It is really cool. It is just the perfect size to climb aboard twist and spin and bounce. He loves it! I love his wild eyes as he bounces and spins and laughs. Do you think this little man has a future as a rodeo cowboy? Possibly, after all, the zebra has bucked him off and without complaint, he climbed back on and kept bouncing and spinning!Before it got too cold, we took E to Adventure Park. In the beginning, he was overwhelmed. But, he warmed up and decided he loved it! He chilled in the swing. He just hunched over and spent the time checking out the ground as it flew underneath him. He decided he loved the park, and the blocks he could spin, and the swings, and the slide, but not the beehive you could climb in. That E decided he would have nothing to do with.


Friday, November 5, 2010

This is Love

Seriously, this is love. My sweet little family that is so dear to me. My husband, who I am thankful for. My little guy who is so adorable. We are good together. We are happy together. We laugh together. We play together. We work together. We love each other.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I never realized how much more fun Halloween can be when you have a little one to dress up. Last year, E was so tiny, barely coming in at 6 weeks, and with going back to work just that week and closing on a house, Halloween snuck up on us. This year, oh, we had FUN!

I think we should have purchased stock in pumpkins this year. We had so many! And carving them turned out to be so much fun! We used 2 pumpkins to carve one, a waste you say? Wait until you see the results. We had parents of trick-or-treaters coming back with cameras to take pictures of it. We had a traditional carved pumpkin that may or may not have resembled Mater and then E's pumpkin was...a rubber ducky! This seems to be the running theme around here after all.

For work, we had a cubicle decorating contest. I went all out and made brick walls and, geez, if they did a better job at cleaning, I wouldn't have had so many spiders! Seriously though, standing on the desk of the cubicle to put spider web on the ceiling, kinda scary, but I won first place!
I dressed up as a ghost. Not as cool as when you see the Red Queen that came to work also! Her costume was SWEET! And, as I was not a traditional ghost, people seemed to not always know what I was supposed to be. But it was fun.The best costume? A pirate! We had a rascally pirate with a hoop earring and a patch over the eye (yeah, for about 2 seconds for each.) E really showed that R.E.A.L. men can wear ruffles. He was freaking adorable! (I know, I may be biased, but he was!)Due to the unfortunate situation of E getting sick on Halloween, our day's festivities changed drastically. They got way toned down and ended up trick-or-treating at Grandma Proctor's house, Granny Lew's house, Aunt Beth's house (gotta get the play-doh she handed out after all) and then the evening consisted of getting poked in the eye by a little girl's umbrella, seriously ouch, and trying to keep a little one from escaping when we handed out candy. Despite the sickness that hit, Halloween ended up being fun!

Just a few more pictures of a cute little guy to enjoy. Mike introduced E to a favorite...bread and ranch dressing. I am not sure if E like the ranch more or the bread. He has discovered that he really loves dipping things, sucking off the dip, and redipping. Gotta love his little ranch beard here.
I still think there is nothing more precious than watching a sleeping baby. I have a hard time not thinking of my little man as a baby, even though he is most definitely no longer a baby. I love going in and smoothing his hair (and yes, checking to make sure he is breathing) while he sleeps. I love when I go in and he has forgone his warm blanket to snuggle with the soft blanket he got from his aunty. It gives me a chance to re-tuck him in.
What else do you do with pumpkin stickers that you got for Halloween? Put them all over you! E has decided he really likes stickers. He will put them on and pull them off and put them on me and pull them off and they get crumpled but he still tries to get them to stick to things. I love watching him play with stickers. They can most definitely entertain him.