Monday, July 21, 2008

Pay it Forward

My friend Miranda did this really fun thing called Pay it Forward. It works like this, I responded to her blog post and I got a really cool present (a CD to upload to my iPod to inspire me while I ride my bike to work and some yummy tasting recipes.) Now, I get to Pay it Forward. For the first 3 people that comment on this post about the Pay it Forward will get a fun little treat from me. Exciting, huh? You don't know what it will be (I am not even sure yet, but it will be something fun!) and then you get do the same on your blog. So, have fun and let me know!

Also, if anyone would be interested in some Amish Friendship bread starter (recipe included) please let me know. I had some starter given to me and every 10 days, I will have 3 additional ones to share. So let me know if you want some!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bike

On my way to work, I started thinking about statistics. I am not normally a statistics type person, but I wanted to figure these out.

I have ridden my bike now for 3 weeks. I hit that mark yesterday. Wow...I thought it was longer, but guess not. In those 3 weeks, I have ridden 204 miles (no wonder my quads are constantly tired) and 27 1/2 hours.

I have almost been hit by cars 5 times. The best is when I see them and stop, but they don't see me until I am already stopped. They get really scared and look like they are going to have a heart attack...drivers jumping in their seats...hahaha.

Mike is back on days (YIPEE!!) and so he no longer meets me at my work on Friday evening to pick me up to go out, I get to ride home. No big deal, the ride isn't as torterous as it used to be. In the first week, the 9 miles home about killed me. Now I have broken it up into sections. "OK, I just need to get to the BYU playing fields." "OK, now I just need to get to the next light." "Will's Pit stop is the next...that is where most drivers pay attention the least." "I made it to Will's Pit Stop, now to Borders (there is this really nice shady spot to sit and cool down in right past Borders. It is nice.)" "Now it is the Orem Hill (which by the way I don't have to walk up anymore) and then it is downhill the rest of the way to home." These are some of the thoughts that run through my head while I pedal away. If anyone wants to come join me, go for it! I would suggest though that you don't listen to BarJ Wranglers on your iPod...they just aren't that motivating to pedal too...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July

For the first time ever, (except my mission,) I didn't get to see the fireworks for the fourth of July. I survived, however; if only because I was surrounded by amazing people having the time of my life.

The Proctor's went to Gooseberry for the weekend. It was a blast and good to get away. Plus, on the fourth when everybody else was dealing with 102 degrees, we had 80ish. Hmmm....who had the better deal?

Mike caught the SMALLEST fish of the weekend while Tait got the biggest. Way to go Tait! I saw fly fishing for the first time ever. It is way cool to watch and Dad Proctor was getting a fish every 5 in that many minutes. Jake proved how afraid of water he is when Dad Proctor pushed him in. He got stuck on an island in the middle. Mike had to wade in and push in the stream again to get him to shore!

Enjoy the pictures!