Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not Yet

I just wanted everybody to know that Ethan is not here yet. Tomorrow, I will be 39 weeks, and it appears Ethan is content as ever to stay just where he is. It doesn't matter that I am not, and that I want him to come (really, am I ready for that?)

At my last couple of appointments, the doctor has said, "Nope, he is not coming this week." I haven't had any contractions, nothing to signal that Ethan is ready for the big journey to come to this big, wide open world. Nope, he seems to like his squished environment.

Everybody tells me that I should enjoy it while it lasts, that I won't get any sleep once he is here, but really? I don't think I am getting much sleep as it is. If anybody has any suggestions for a (almost) 9 month pregnant woman to be comfortable enough to sleep at night, please share. I will be willing to take any suggestions!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I am told that I do not update my blog often enough. I know, I really don't. The reason that I started the blog is so that people I know (and love) can keep updated on my life, and then I don't update!

I decided that I really needed to take some preggo pictures of myself. Here I was at 37 weeks, and I didn't have any pictures! Here is one taken on Sunday (completely sad that it took me a week to post it.)I feel like I look huge! I didn't think I looked that big until I saw the picture, and then, wow. Yep, huge.

Over the 24th of July, Mike and I went camping with his Warenski cousins. It was fun! I actually found people to play games with me and I got to spend time with Mike's cousins and family that I hadn't really spent a lot of time with. We went up to Main Canyon (just past Daniel's Summit) and spent a couple of days. We had some "white man" fires, laughter, and a lot of fun. I thought I took pictures, but can't seem to find any.

We also went to the Proctor Family reunion. I always give Mike a hard time because his family doesn't seem to get together too often (beyond immediate.) I know mine doesn't either, but we have a summer bbq, usually sometime in July and a Christmas get together. While not everybody makes it, most try. Because of this, the two family events with the Warenski side and Proctor side were fun and gave me the opportunity to meet more of Mike's family. The Proctor reunion was the opportunity to celebrate Grandpa Jack's 85th birthday. He is an amazing man and it is so easy to love him (and his sense of humor!)

On Sunday, we went up to my families cabin by Strawberry Reservoir for the Lewis bbq. It was gorgeous, if a little chilly. Mike found a game he knows my dad can't "cheat" at and won. Horseshoes. Mike totally skunked my dad, but I am not sure if he beat Adam, my cousin's husband. I have never understood the allure of horseshoes. I guess I consider it the game all the "old men" played when we went up to the cabin. I was never allowed to play as a child. I would get in the way after all, so it is a game that has never interested me.I took my camera, but then had too much fun talking, that I didn't get too many pictures. I did go on a little walk (a little hard on dirt roads wearing flip flops.) Here is one of my favorite pics from this walk.If the above picture is dark, I am wasn't dark on my computer, until I uploaded it. I am just too tired right now to fix it.

There are two reasons I wore flip flops up to the mountains.
Reason #1. I have pretty bad edema. My feet (especially my left) are swollen almost all the time with my pregnancy. I try to keep them elevated, but find myself sadly lacking in that aspect. Mike refers to them as my sausages. They are really that bad. I no longer have ankles...just big ol' cankles. I don't think that I want to take a picture of them, so you won't see them, unless you see me. :)
Reason #2. I have been a bed hog lately. I will admit it. It doesn't help that Mike and I have a full size bed, and that I sprawl, trying to get comfortable. Well, Sunday morning, my feet were on Mike's side of the bed, and his were hanging off. He swung his feet to get them back up on the bed, I guess he felt like he was falling off the bed or something, and his foot connected with my little toe just perfect. I woke up swearing. It hurt! By Sacrament meeting, I had a little bruise starting on my little toe, and by Sunday night, the whole thing was black and blue. Mike felt really bad and was extremely worried about my toe! I taped it (or tried to) throughout the week and on Thursday at my doctors appt. had my doctor check it. It isn't broken! (yeah!!) It was probably just sprained or jammed pretty good. It didn't help that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Mike got it again. I am pretty protective of my feet lately in bed. hahaha.

Ethan seems to be in no hurry to get here. I have still not started dilating at all, which is ok I guess, considering I still have two weeks. I feel like I will probably go over the September 6th due date. I just hope it isn't too far over. On the other hand, I guess I can wait because we still don't know if Ethan is in the position he should be. While the doctor swears he feels head down, his heart beat is up by my ribs, which would indicate that his head is up in my ribs, not down, waiting to come. It doesn't calm my worries that this morning, Ethan had hiccups and they were coming through nice and strong, right under my ribs, right where the heart beat was. Hmmm....we really need him to turn because I do not want the automatic c-section that will happen if he is breech.

I hope that this was a wonderful update. I am sorry it is so long, but I did try to include some pictures (I know, not many) to help out. Just keep an eye out because when Ethan comes, there will be a TON of pictures.

Two weeks and counting!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


If you ever wonder why Jake has a sunburned belly, this is the reason! This is how we found Jake laying outside.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Just like his daddy...

I have decided that this baby is going to be a jokester, just like his daddy. I had my doctors appointment yesterday and he kept playing hide and seek with the doctor when he was trying to get a heart beat reading. The second the doctor would start to keep track to see how fast the heart was, Ethan would move and the search would start over. You would think that there isn't that much room for him to move, but he kept it up. Dr. Liddle had to search and start over 4 times to get the reading!

We are still not sure if Ethan has turned at this point. Because of where we finally got the heart reading, statistically, that means he is still breech. However, the doctor swears he feels the head where it is supposed to be, so, I guess we'll find out one way or the other, right? Ethan just wants to keep us guessing. :)