Saturday, October 27, 2007

In All Fairness

So, after our last post, I decided that in all fairness, I needed to share some of the things that I have done that are not so, well, smart. Sometimes (a lot of times actually, but don't tell anyone) I do things before my brain catches up and, well, I am sure some of you have seen the results.

#1 - We went bowling last night. I know, I told y'all that we were both improving our games...does that include learning to hit yourself in the face with the bowling ball? What? Did you read that right? You sure did, I hit myself in the face with the bowling ball. It wasn't easy, let me tell you that much. As I was pulling my ball up (in severe concentration) before I started to bowl, I misjudged the distance and hit myself. I wouldn't suggest you try it, it kinda hurts.

#2 - You all read how we went to the deer hunt last weekend. What you didn't read was how I decided my tennis shoes smelled too much like wood smoke to wear. I decided to wash them. There is nothing wrong with that, but in the process of drying them, I decided to put them on the heat vent. We only have one heat vent in our home, it is a big one and you can see the furn
ace directly under it. Because I wanted the insides to dry, I put them upside down. The next morning, I smelled something like burning rubber. I decided to take the shoes off. Later in the morning, when I went to put them on, I noticed that the right one in particular, looked kinda funny. A little brown, a little shriveled. Oops. I could live with that but the insert was a complete, shriveled little thing. So, I ruined my tennis shoes. Shame shame as I wore them almost every day.

#3 - About a month ago, the entire Proctor clan went fishing. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is probably one of the things I would not do on my own. Fish? Gross. Anyway, we were all sitting in chairs along Gooseberry Reservoir and I noticed that it was raining on the lake. I didn't feel it raining on me so I said, "Look, it only rains on the lake here!" Well, it has quickly become the joke of the family, that whenever Becky is along, it only rains on the lake, it doesn't rain where she is!

I am sure that I could go on and on as normally my brain sometimes (often) goes into slow mode, but I probably have given you enough fodder at this time to laugh at me for quite awhile. Please, make any teasing merciful and kind.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Haircut anyone?

Mike has been complaining about his hair recently. He can't stand it long, if it hits the back of his ears, it is too long. He is also tired of it being short. I am not much help as I don't know what else to tell him to try with his hair. So, yesterday, I got a surprise. Mike had gone into the bathroom aand after a little bit, called for me to come. I was very hesitant, but I went anyway. I opened the bathroom door and there was Mike, standing in front of the sink with his razor/clippers in his hand. I couldn't help it, I started to laugh. His hair looked like this from the back (please excuse the rough drawing, Mike wouldn't let me take any pictures.)

After laughin
g for a bit, I took the clippers from Mike and tried my best to fix it, but there wasn't too much I could do, besides the fact that I am probably the most inexperienced hair person alive! This is what Mike's hair looked like when I was done.

At this point, I really couldn't stop laughing. Mike kept telling me to stop laughing at him. I responded I wasn't laughing at him, but with him, to which he responded, "I am not laughing." He did have to chuckle himself though when I gave him a mirror so he could see his handiwork. As possible solutions, I suggested that we could either shave his whole head, or we could even Bic it. Mike absolutely refused to Bic his head, although he is giving the shaved head a second thought.

If in the next few weeks, you see Mike wearing his baseball cap non-stop, or wearing a beanie, you will know why. Please don't tease him too bad though, he is still kinda cute!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Deer Hunt

Well, I survived my first deer hunt! What a weekend. We arrived at the place where we were camping about 5:00 PM on Friday. It was a beautiful day! We were wearing t-shirts while we set up our tent. Mike built a fire in our wood fireplace...and it was a bit hot in the tent. The way the day was shaping up, I didn't think we would need the fireplace at all, even though it had forecast snow the next day, but when does it ever do what the weatherman says?

This is a picture of our tent and the beautiful weather we set it up in. Wow, it had to be at least 75 degrees! Nice.

Everybody else arrived about 7:30-8 that night. It was just long enough that Mike's mom started to worry about where everybody was. They arrived and it started to get colder. Hmmm...there must be some significance to this. We ate dinner and hung out in the camper while the men leveled the camper out. Have you ever tried to cook a pot of chili while the camper is rocking back and forth in an effort to level it out? It wasn't the easiest thing ever.

At about 9, everybody decided to head to bed as the men wanted to get an early start (come on, really? 4:30 AM?) in the morning. Turns out, it wasn't that early, it was more like 5:30 in the AM. I did learn a valuable lesson. If you are staying in a tent, do not, under any circumstance, get dressed with the light on. You create a silohette show for anybody outside the tent! Remember this. Anyway, as we went to bed, I was a bit worried about being cold, but it was warm in the pile of sleeping bags and blankets that we had on. Actually, the only time that I got cold was when Mike decided he was cold and sat up to start the heater and took all the blankets with him! Brrrrr!

Here is a picture of all the men starting off on the hunt. It was cold and Rosie and I were only too glad to stay in the truck waiting for them to come back and let us know they got a deer. Dad and Mike ended up coming back to let us know they had lost Cameron and Mark and we then went driving looking for them. Unfortunately, there were no deer to be found, they seemed to know it was the hunt. The does knew they were safe and were out in many numbers, the bucks stayed hidden. If I had to state my opinion on the deer hunt, it may be to drive around in the truck, looking for a good place to hunt the deer and commenting on how many hunters there are. Mike says there is more to it than that, but maybe it was the weather...we were in the truck a lot.

While we were out and about, it started snowing, and since the deer aren't moving around in the snow, we all went back to camp to take naps. Well, we woke up to this. It snowed a lot! Tait and Blake made a snowman and Jake got introduced to what snow is. He isn't afraid of snow like he is of the rain. The Skinners and Curtis' left Saturday night, with a little concern about getting out of there in the snow, but it appears they made it home ok, as they are all home.

Sunday, it was a nice and relaxing end to the weekend as we had to get Mike's truck unstuck, twice and loaded up camp. Taking down the tent was amazingly easy and I think that I will definitely join the hunt next year, although it was a little hard to get any homework done. Homework? on the hunt? Yes, unfortunately, it was necessary.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Preparations for the first deer hunt

Mike is really big into the outdoors. In fact, I think if Mike could live out in the mountains, he would. Then there is me. I am ok camping, I have done it all my growing up with the girl scouts and young women, but I love the conveniences of being in the city. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy camping while I am camping, but I love it when I get home. You could probably blame my mom on this attitude. My mom hates the mountains. Her idea of camping was going and spending a weekend at the family cabin. Heaven forbid if you put my mom into a tent. I just can't imagine her spending a week in the tent, not to mention all the small, furry animals with beady eyes that could be lurking about!

Anyway, Mike is really excited about introducing me to my first ever deer hunt. He made sure to get a tent that has a stove in it so that I will be warm. "After all," says Mike, "I have to make sure that you will go deer hunting with me next year!" With all the preparations, I have to admit I am getting a little excited about going. With the excitement comes the aprehentiong. The fact that I have to wear orange if I go anywhere outside the tent. The fact that I will probably be very cold and love the idea of a stove in my tent. But, how can you not be excited when every 5 minutes Mike is telling you how excited he is to introduce you to the deer hunt. I did let Mike know that we would be hunting in different ways. He will shoot his deer his way (with a rifle) and I will shoot my deer my way (with a camera). When Mike gets his deer, I have to admit, I will not know what to do with it. Where will we put it? Can we borrow freezer space? How will I cook it? I guess this is part of being a newlywed, you get to learn new things!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our First Post

It seems to be the thing to do to create a blog, so we decided to jump on the bandwagon. As this is our first blog, we should introduce ourselves. We are Mike and Becky. We have been married for 3 1/2 months, wow, how the time has flown by. Mike drives a truck, hauling clay, sand or rock, whichever needs to be done on any given day. Becky works and goes to school, working towards a degree in English Education...hello teaching here I come.

One of the things that Mike and I have recently found a love for is bowling. You must understand how rare this love comes. I am not a good bowler and have been known to bowl a 9 through the entire 10 frames of bowling. Yes, you read that right, a 9. That accounts for a lot of gutter balls throughout a game. Mike has been known to join the ball in going down the lane. If you want some entertainment, you should see this. However, we decided to join my sister and brother in the game and have gone every Saturday for a little over a month. Both of our games have definitely improved. Mike got 5 strikes in a row last week and I was very ecstatic to get a strike, which never happens for me, only to be followed up with another strike!

We have one child, a puppy really. His name is Jake and he is a very adorable, if mischievous beagle puppy. He is definitely spoiled by Mike and gets to do lots of things with Mike that I never allow, such as getting on the couches and getting on the hair all over. He definitely knows who will allow him to get away with things.

For a first post, this is us. We will write again and try to be entertaining as we chronicle our newlywed lives.