Friday, May 25, 2012


 Wow, look at me! Two posts within one week! I have had my camera out lately and want to share some pictures I have taken.

Yesterday, I put Baby K down in his crib for his nap. This is the first time he had been in his crib to sleep. Since he is getting too big for the bassinet, we should get him used to his crib soon. I laid him down asleep but pretty soon, I heard a noise and I went back into to his room. This is what I found, minus the binky.

I couldn't help but talk to him and play. He is such a cutie! I grabbed my camera to snap a few pictures. You wouldn't have been able to resist either, trust me. :)

Pretty soon Baby K's tiredness became too much for him to bear. He broke down. Even his fussy face is adorable.

I re-swaddled the little one and soon his eyes started to droop. Even though Baby K fights sleep like Little Man never did at this young age, but even he cannot fight it forever.

Isn't it just so much fun to watch a sleeping baby? They are just so precious. I can barely keep from kissing him awake when I see how cute he is.

After a little bit, he fully sucumbed to sleep. He managed to wriggle his arm out. Sadness that he is starting to fight the swaddling. Notice the quilt that Baby K is laying on? My friend Molly made this for Baby K. She is uber talented and made one for Little Man when he was born too.

While I was entertained trying to get Baby K to sleep, Little Man was busy on his own. I came out to find this wonderful mess on my rug.

Little Man quickly starting picking them up when I told him that they needed to be picked up. However, I quickly broke out the vacuum to do the job more quickly. It helps that Little Man loves to help vacuum now!

On Sunday, May 20th, we blessed Baby K. This is the only picture I snapped of Baby K in his blessing outfit, however, there will be more coming soon.

After the blessing, we had our families over for a luncheon. While everybody was here, we decided to get a picture of the two newest cousins. Baby K was born on April 4th and Baby C was born on May 5th. A little over 4 weeks apart, but Baby K looks at least a couple of months older! Baby K looks and acts as young as he is, but a bigger version. :) He has got to be at least 15 pounds by now. He is helping make my arms strong by carrying him around!

At the luncheon, Little Man's cousin showed him how to make rino horns out of the helicopters on our maple trees. He LOVED them and was very upset when ever they would fall off.

I have 3 handsome boyfriends. Whoever is cuddling with Baby K, that is where Little Man is. He loves his baby brother and now that he is able to get smiles out of Baby K, he is constantly striving to get those smiles. I sense that as Baby K gets older, Little Man may be one of his favorites.

I love seeing my two little boys laying next to each other just smiling away. I picture many more pictures like this. Aren't they cute?

I would say sorry for all the pictures, but that is one of my favorite parts of many blogs. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome Baby K!

 Wow, a lot happens when you don't post for six months! We made it through the winter, enjoyed Christmas, New Years, Easter, and many wonderful days. The best? Baby K joined our family on April 2, 2012 at 5:40 PM. He weighed 9 lb 15 oz (I am claiming that extra ounce and just saying he was 10 pounds though!) and was 20 1/2 inches long.

During my whole pregnancy, I was against induction. I had been induced with Little Man and enjoyed a 23 hour long labor. Notice my sarcasm, because 23 hours was not enjoyable to be in labor while in the hospital. I really wanted to go into labor on my own and labor at home in whatever comfort I could enjoy.

 Little Man meeting Baby K for the first time. It was instant love.

At 38 weeks, I left my doctor's office in tears. I had not progressed any more from the previous week, in fact, Baby K had moved further up. He had made every appearance of making himself comfortable for the long haul. I on the other hand was far from comfortable. I had really hoped I could have a baby that week.

 Baby K at 2 days old.

It was at that point that I really started to consider induction. Mike and I talked about it, the pros and cons (Con, possible 23 hour labor, Pro, my sister was in town and wouldn't be here again until June,) and my reasons for not wanting an induction until about 10:30 that night. I then e-mailed my doctor then and let him know that we had decided to go ahead with the induction the following Monday, if needed, when I hit my 39 week date.

Baby K at about 2 weeks old.

On Sunday, April 1st, the hospital called me and let me know that I was number 7 on the list for inductions and to expect a call to go down anytime before 6 PM. If I didn't get a call on Monday, I would get bumped to Tuesday. I really didn't expect to get a call because of how many people were in front of me and they took two at a time.

 Baby K at 6 weeks.

I was looking forward to sleeping in, but my pregnant body had other plans. I woke up on Monday morning at 6 AM with my back hurting. I could not get comfortable, so I got up. We got everything ready to go and then waited for the call. We didn't expect to get one until at least after 3 PM, however, at 8:40 AM, we got a call to be there at 9:30. We then packed up the car, loaded up Little Man, took him to my parents. We then filled up on gas and headed to the hospital.

I love baby feet!

As we were getting everything ready to go at the hospital, the nurse told me that  I was having contractions, could I feel them? Nope, I wasn't feeling them at all! The then hooked me up to the Pitocin and started me going. Everything was going great! I was progressing, the pain from the contractions wasn't bad at all, but my back! I just could not get comfortable! My back was bothering me more than anything else. The nurse finally let me know that my back hurting was probably the contractions I "wasn't" feeling. Ha! That made sense! My nurse felt that I would have been in on my own either later that day or the next day if I hadn't been induced.

 Baby K 6 weeks old

I caved and got the epidural, just so I could try to get a nap. It was great! Not too much and it allowed me to kind of sleep. Because of my experience with Little Man, I didn't expect to have a baby until late in the evening. Imagine my surprise when I felt ready to push at a little before 5 PM! I held out for about 15-20 minutes, and then they started prepping for delivery. Wow, things happened so fast! They got ready and I pushed 5, maybe 6 times, and there was a baby! So much different than the first time around!

 Somebody has started to smile and we love getting them!

The nurses claimed that the only reason Baby K didn't come in at 10 lbs exactly was because he peed. It took off that ounce. We had some issues with biliruben (big surprise since we had to do that with Little Man also,) but everything else was great with Baby K. He has been welcomed into our family and is loved by all of us. I was a little worried how Little Man would react when this baby came home with us for good, but there has been no jealousy. He is always asking to hold "Baby Ke" as he pronounces his baby brother's name. He gives lots of kisses and pets his baby brother's hair.

 We have our Big Kahuna (since I refer to him everywhere as Baby K, my friend gave me this adorable outfit!)

 Baby K continues to grow fast! We had to move him to 3-6 month clothes at 3 weeks. At 5 weeks, he was weighing in at 14 lb 7 oz. He is growing so fast! Looking at him, he does not look like a newborn, though he still acts like one. He is our little chunky monkey, but is also big in length also. At his two week appointment he was in the 85% percentile and above in all of his growth charts. He is our future football player, that is for sure!

I love this little boy!

We are so lucky to have 2 healthy boys to love and cuddle. Transitioning from one child to two was not as easy as everybody says it was, but we seem to have made it! We are enjoying our family of four and feel very lucky!