Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Relaxing Sundays

I love Sundays. I love it when we have nowhere to go and we can do our own thing. We get up, go to church and then relax. I love it. We met my friend to take her family pictures. She has given me some much needed massages and I owed her. She has such a cute little family and taking their pictures was fun. After wards, we ended up heading up the canyon. We stopped by Bridal Veil Falls. There were so many people there! But it was nice. It was cooler up the canyon and we enjoyed our little stroll up the path. Mike loved showing E the ducks in the river (I don't think E saw them, he was fascinated by all the running water 20 feet below him.) I loved getting the chance to take some pics of my little guy.

I was told today that this picture makes my little guy look like a toddler! He no longer looks like my little baby. He is growing just way too fast.Can you believe he is 7 months already! I cannot. Time has FLOWN by. He is sitting up, and has been for 3 months. About a month and a half ago, he had rolled over multiple times in a 20 minute period, and then he stopped. I thought he had forgotten how. I now realize he just didn't want to. He is now rolling over all the time! A rolling baby in the middle of a diaper change presents a new set of challenges.

E is starting to get on his hands and knees. He hasn't figured it out yet that he can use this as a method to propel himself forward. He is generally doing it to allow himself to reach further when he is trying to get a toy. He usually ends up plopping onto his stomach, but a few times has used this as a precursor to taking a nose dive onto a hard surface. When he is on his stomach, he is all over the place. He moves anywhere within a 2-4 foot space and is good at turning in circles on the ground. Part of me can't wait to see him mobile and exploring more of his world and the other part of me dreads what he can get into when he becomes mobile! Now, I can put him down and know he will be mostly in the same place!

If E finds himself next to a low surface while on the ground, he has started trying to pull himself up. A few times, this has resulted in a fall backwards. Except for the falls, he loves being able to reach up and peep over the edge of a coffee table, footstool, or whatever happens to be nearby. It is also hilarious to think he is on the floor in front of the coffee table and you are on the couch and the next thing you see are these eyes peeking over the top, between little fingers holding on for dear life as little legs are trying to get up past the knees to get higher. I think I may need to watch him in the future. He may turn into a little climber!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Fool's Day and other things...

OK, is it totally lame that I went private and now I feel that nobody is reading my blog because nobody ever leaves comments? I know, if you go private, your readership goes down...I guess it means that it is true that I do this blog mostly for myself.

I always forget April Fool's day. I would love to remember it and every year, I think, "I need to remember that to try on someone next year," but then I forget. It always seems to surprise me, so I love hearing when somebody else is made the "fool." Here is my mom's experience.

She works in a doctors office. On Thursday, she was given a phone # to call and told to ask for Myra Mains. (Say it out loud if you have any questions.) She called.

"Hello Olphins" (for those of you who don't know, this is a funeral home)

"Yes, I need to speak to Myra Mains."

"There is nobody here by that name."

"No, this is P from (name of doctor's office) I was told this was the number where I could reach Myra Mains."

"No, I am sorry, there is nobody here by that name."

She then got off the phone, went up front and asked the receptionists if they were sure they had given her the correct number because there was nobody by the name of Myra Mains at the number she had called. They got her good. I wonder how many people called funeral homes on Thursday asking to speak to Myra Mains. The best part? My mom still didn't get it until everybody started laughing. So, hint, if you ever play Mad Gab, you want mom on the other team.

Today is Easter. It has been pretty laid back and relaxing. But, for Mike and I, Easter has really been happening all week. With Grandma Winnie dying, we had her funeral yesterday. Mike said to me, "You know, it is kinda cool that this is Easter weekend, and everybody is focusing on the resurrection of our Savior. At this same time, when it is so fresh, Grandma has her funeral." I think that it really helped to be able to remember the eternal perspective.

Grandma has died, but she is not gone. She is having a joyful reunion with her sweetheart. As Mike reminded me, she is also stretching and being able to move with her spirit in ways that her body hasn't allowed for many years.

Because of our Savior's sacrifice, we know that we will one day be reunited with our bodies. How great that at that time, grandma will be able to run and jump. It makes me so thankful to remember Alma's words that, "not a hair on our head will be lost." It is good to remember this all during Easter week. I should be better and remember it all year long. I guess that is why we have days to celebrate, so that we do remember.