Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We have been busy. We have done a lot and my blog has fallen behind. Way behind.

I have been inspired. I need to take more pictures. With BOTH of my cameras. Since I got my little point and shoot digital that fits so nicely in my purse/diaper bag, I don't take my SLR out very much. Well, go here to see somebody who does. She takes pictures of EVERYTHING! So, I have carted both of my cameras with me over the weekend. Sadly, my computer that has my software to download my SLR is broken, as in it turns on, but doesn't start up. So, while I have a TON of awesomely, cool pictures, I can't share them currently. But, I will figure it out (I also need to figure out how to get the 48 scrap book pages I have done off the broken computer...)

First, I want to show this video. Mike's mom saved some of Mike's old cowboy boots. She gave them to E. I tried them on the other day. They are still too big, and he really struggled in walking in them, but this video is just way too much fun. He was so proud of himself!

E loves tomatoes. He has been caught stealing them directly out of the bowl when we make tacos, stealing them off plants if he sees them, and making himself comfortable in our garden eating a slightly green tomato. Notice his totally cute outfit that Aunt Amy gave him for his birthday covered in tomato guts from the tomato he is thoroughly enjoying? I am already finding my little man making mischief. E was enjoying his breakfast. He LOVES cereal. I ate with him and he was still eating, so I started doing some other things. I heard him start playing with his bowl against the table, signaling that he is done. I delayed. I figured he could stay in his highchair for a moment while I finished what I was doing. Well, I discovered I can no longer just leave him in his highchair. This is where I found him. I had to get my camera to document this. E decided he wanted more cereal and climbed out of his highchair, onto the table to get it. He is turning into a little monkey!Gotta see how my little baby boy no longer looks like a baby but a little boy? Here is the proof as he is totally lounging, just chillaxing. Gosh, does time ever slow down? I thought time went fast before, but when you have kids, I swear it speeds up. We are pretty lucky to have had access to LOTS of pumpkins this year. Grandma Proctor, in addition to her LOTS of patty-pan squash (which E does not like,) zucchini (which E does like if it is baked in the oven with Parmesan cheese,) summer squash, peas, tomatoes and green beans, there were lots of pumpkins. Unfortunately, somebody forgot (oops) E's shoes and so he couldn't go into the garden and actually pick out his own pumpkin. He had to deal with the one mommy and daddy picked out and held up to him. He was ok with it though. He was more fascinated with the stem than the actual pumpkin. E's favorite thing to do? Play with daddy. When he isn't playing with daddy, he is chillaxing with daddy on the bed. Seriously so cute. He cuddles right up to Mike and is perfectly content to stay there, for a couple of minutes at least. Then, he decides to play and will crawl up on Mike's stomach and bounce up and down.So, a little bit ago, we took the Proctor Family pictures. Maria is an awesome photographer and has taken all of our family pictures since E joined our family. While she was snapping away at groups, E and J were hanging out. E was fascinated over J's hair/head, which J did not appreciate. It led to a breakdown and if J could talk, I am sure it would have sounded something like this, "Mo-om, E is touching me! Please make him stop touching me!" I am sure that having cousins so close in age, this is something we may hear often as they are growing up. Hopefully, we will hear more laughter and giggles, hoping that they are best of friends.

Here is a pic that I snapped of E. He was hanging out on this cool, old firetruck and he just looked up at me and smiled. Man, I love my handsome little man! I can't wait until we get the pictures from Maria. She was getting a cousin picture and we were all jumping up and down, screaming and clapping, trying to get all the kids looking at us and smiling. E just couldn't stay where he was. He had to jump up and run toward us, laughing and clapping. I think I spent more time running to put him back. I can't wait to see them!E is generally pretty happy. Yes, he does have his moments when he isn't, but he is a HAPPY little boy. He loves getting into his pajamas and then playing with mommy and daddy. We love getting him to laugh by getting all his ticklish spots. Moments before the finger attack comes on.......moments after the finger attack. Love, Love, Love his belly laugh, his squeals of delight, and his smile!
Saturday, we went to the Red Barn down in Santaquin. They offer a hayride for $3 a person (under 2 ride free.) The hay ride ends at a pumpkin patch with a maze and lots of cool picture opportunity places. E wasn't too sure about the hayride in the beginning. He was in this wagon that had a TON of strangers and it moved. This is the look I kept getting as it started. "Mom, what are you making me do?"By the time we neared the pumpkin patch, E was totally into it. We were supposed to sit during the ride, but I figured it was OK for E to stand. He decided he LOVED looking out the wagon watching everything go past.
This time, the shoes were not forgotten and E got to actually wander around in the pumpkin patch. He had issues with the rough terrain and kept falling, but he loved seeing the pumpkins so close up. We let him pick a pumpkin (carefully guided by mom and dad) and he left with a pumpkin that he could carry all by himself (if only for about 10 seconds.) He did try to eat the stem, so his fascination with stems did not go away.E really liked the maze. He walked all the way through it. Whenever he walked into a dead-end, he kept looking for the hole in the wall that would let him keep going. He loved chasing Mike around and I loved that he could walk freely with limited options on where to go.

E really liked the John Deere tractor they had. He was a bit far from the steering wheel, but that didn't stop him from trying to drive it. The only thing missing? E's John Deere blanket that his Grandma Proctor made him! I definitely have a through and through boy. We have had fun doing all of our little activities lately. We have truly been blessed in this last year having our little man join our family. Seriously, what did we do for fun before we had E? He keeps us entertained and running around.