Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How many...

...shampoos does it take to get Vaseline out hair?Ten wasn't enough. Somebody sported the slicked back hair style that was popular in the 30's all day today. The 11th shampoo (with liquid dish soap) appears to have done the job!

Wow, I should have learned from other people's experiences that when Little Man is quiet, I should investigate. The best part? I was 7 feet away with my back turned, washing dishes. Yep. He did this all where if I had just turned around I could have stopped it sooner!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just in Case...

...You thought April Fool's Day was on Friday, Mother Nature proved you wrong today. This is what we woke up to in Utah. It is really pretty, but I am missing the 60 degree weather that we had last week where I was mostly at work and cooped up on a building.
On the bright side, my plants are doing wonderful! I have moved my lettuce, spinach, and onions out to the green house to toughen up a little bit before I put them in the garden. After seeing outside this morning, I am glad that I didn't put them in the garden yesterday like I had wanted to. If I hadn't had to work, they probably would have gone in! So, be thankful I had to work on a Saturday. :) The plants that I still have inside are doing great! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. {grin}

I love spring! It is seriously my favorite time of the year!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Happenings

The last 2 weeks has been quite the adventure around here. It started off some trauma. E got a little bit of a diaper rash. I was in a rush as E was not having a good night and after his bath, in desperation because I couldn't find my bag balm (seriously the best for diaper rash) I used Vaseline. The next morning, everywhere I had put the Vaseline was bright red. It was 100 times worse than the diaper rash the night before. On the bright side, it didn't appear to hurt Little Man but it looked horrible. After a few days, it was not getting any better. I finally found my bag balm (we had purchased another product to use in the meantime.

After the weekend, it appeared to be getting better, ever so slowly, but there was improvement, until one day it was worse again. I called my doctor and got an appointment to take Little Man in. They thought it might be a yeast infection so we picked up a prescription and applied it for the next couple of days. No such luck. Instead of getting better, it got worse. After a call to the doctor they sent a prescription for a diaper rash ointment. This is an ointment put together by one of the doctors in the office and everybody swears by it. I guess there are mothers that ask for it and use it for any diaper rash. Well, we got it for Little Man and used it Friday night and Saturday morning. Did it make him better? No. It got much worse.

Poor little man got blisters on his behind. We don't know what caused it, we just know that diaper changes got very traumatic for him and diaper wipes went by the wayside for a little bit. I hope to never see anything that horrible again. It looked painful and Little Man started to freak out if he thought you were going to change his diaper. It was awful. We are so thankful that it is so much better now. In the last week there has been much needed healing that has happened on his little bottom.

Somewhere in the midst of this trauma, bedtime became a fight. Anytime we put Little Man to bed there was kicking and screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. However, if we took his mattress out of the crib and laid it on the floor, he did fine. We were on the lookout for a toddler bed that wouldn't cost very much when our good Sis Rosie suggested we just convert the crib. Miracle of miracles. We took the drop side off and wala, a toddler bed! Little Man loved it! He loves running and climbing up on his very own bed, and for the most part, has done very good. He has only fallen out of the bed once (at 2:30 in the AM) and with a little comfort and love from Momma was good to go back to sleep.

However, our bedtime ritual has changed dramatically. We used to get ready for bed, read a story, lay down, hug glow-worm or sprocket (his teddy bear) roll over and go to sleep (until the kicking and screaming that happened earlier that is.) Now, we have the same routine, but it has stretched out, because instead of actually going to sleep, once we leave the room, somebody quietly slips out of bed and follows us. E has figured out that he would rather have Daddy find him first because Daddy will let him crawl up into our bed to fall asleep. This doesn't fly for me because I don't want to have my little toddler think it is ok for him to sleep in our bed. He knows that if Daddy isn't near and I see him, he has to turn around and run back to his bed. If he doesn't get into it first, Momma will pick him up and put him in.I really try the Super Nanny trick where the first 2 times you will talk and say, "E, it is time for bed. Let us go back to bed," as you take the hand and lead the little one back to bed. After that, you don't speak and just lead them back to bed. Well, somebody is still testing after almost a week how serious Momma is. Just tonight I think I have gotten up about 40-50 times while writing this post to lead (or most times) follow E back to bed. It makes for a long evening. I am smiling right now because it has been almost a minute since I have hear E slowly tiptoeing out of his room, or sliding with his tummy across the floor to see how long until Mom notices. Ah, spoke too soon, here are the whispers of slippered feet on the wood floor.I am loving to see my Little Man grow up, but it leaves an anxious pang in my heart. I remember him being so small and 100% dependent on me, but at the same time, I have trouble looking at him and thinking he was really that small. It is fun and exciting, all this watching as he explores his world and discovers fun things to do. But it is all a reminder that he is growing up. Everybody says how fast time flies when you have children and I never believed it until now. Time does fly. Yes, yes it really does.