Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I seem to have a lot of posts lately titled, "Thoughts." Oh well. You get to see some of the things that I am thinking.

Early this morning, Mike's grandma died. Mike has been very close to this grandma and has done a lot for her and with her in the past. It was a wonderful experience to gather with the family yesterday and visit. We are sure that Grandma knew we were there and felt the love we all had for her. She was an amazing, strong willed woman. She has left behind an amazing legacy. I am so thankful that she got an opportunity to meet little E. She loved his smile. She loved that he was Mike's son. Even the last time we saw her, before yesterday, she wanted to hold him. It was difficult for her, but she loved it. She has a beautiful picture with all of her great-grandchildren, holding them and just smiling down at them. She loved them all. She will be missed.
On another note, I took some more pictures of E. Look how adorable he is! Normally I think I am just prejudiced when I think he is the cutest little guy, but you have to agree, he is, isn't he?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Has it really been 6 months?

These past 6 months have gone fast. They have literally flown by. Mike asked me if I would rather have my little guy small or the way he is now. Honestly, I cannot remember him being small. I love E's smile. It lights up his whole face. I love his laugh (being tickled at night, being tossed up in the air, getting funny looks from daddy.) I love most of all, the joy little E has brought into our little family. I cannot imagine our life before him.

I have been working on making some scrapbook pages for E's book, which I will get around to buying one day and then I will get around to printing the pages off. It has been amazing to me how much he has changed. It is hard to believe!Here are some pictures of how much he has changed so you can see for yourself!

Minutes after birth
2 Days Old1 Week Old
3 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old9 Weeks Old2 1/2 Months Old (Don't I look like a football player?)3 Months Old (Really Momma? I am trying to sleep!)First Christmas!4 1/2 Months Old (Sitting up? Really?)5 Months Old (First Basketball Game)5 1/2 Months Old
We need to do another photo shoot and get some 6 month pictures. This little guy is just the cutest! We are so lucky to have him in our family. It is only the beginning!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teeth & Lost Phones

E now has 2 teeth. Yep, the little guy is getting too big way too fast! Here is how it went down.

Sunday night, E goes to bed way early, around 8:40 PM. Since he normally isn't ready for bed until 9 or 10, I was loving life. Around 10:30, he started to whimper, but it quickly stopped. Around 11:20, he started to cry. I figured it would stop quickly, as it had before, but instead, it quickly rose in crescendo until it was a scream.

One thing you should know about E, he doesn't scream unless he hurts, such as when he falls over and hits his head on our wood floor, narrowly missing the rug.

Not thinking anything about it, I decided he was hungry. I fed him a little, he fell back asleep. I laid him down in his crib, he woke up screaming. OK, he wants more to eat. I picked him up, fed him some more.

In the meantime, Mike had decided he was sleeping on the couch because he didn't feel good and just couldn't get comfortable in the bed. I decided that I could just leave E on the bed, set up some pillows to avoid rolling off, and laid E down. After about 5 minutes, he started screaming again. Have you ever seen a baby scream while still sleeping, or rather trying to sleep? So sad!

This proceeded to be the pattern until 1:30 AM. Fall asleep, wake up after 5-10 minutes screaming, comforted by mom, fall asleep. At wits end, wondering what was up with my little guy, I took his temperature. Trust me, E did not appreciate the thermometer held under his arm. I can't make myself do the rectal...even though I know it is WAY more accurate. His temp was a little higher than normal, so I gave him some baby Tylenol. In about 10 minutes, he was happy and smiling.

What the? That Tylenol did something. I started checking all around my now happy little guy. Because I just had my lamp on, I pulled out my flashlight and looked in his mouth. There was another tooth coming through! His poor gums looks so red and sore! I put a little Orajel on to help him sleep, and E, now being perfectly happy, decided to play until about 2:30 AM. I couldn't be happier, it was much better than him being miserable!

When he woke up at 7, it was to the screaming. This time, I knew what to look for. I didn't even have to touch his gums...I put my finger up to his lip and the screaming intensified. I quickly dosed him up again with both the Orajel and the Tylenol and he was again his happy little self. It ended up being a miserable 24 hours for him though. We thought, or rather hoped, he would be an easy teether since we had no idea the first tooth had come in. Our hopes have been crushed. Now, if he has this same pattern, I will know to check for new teeth first!

On Saturday, Mike & I went to Ikea. We just went for fun, to look around and make a wish list (a long far off wish list most likely.) We decided we needed pictures of our wish list items, so I pulled out my phone and started snapping away. We were just plain old having fun. Well, we get down to the basement and while standing in line to buy our new dish scrub brush, I couldn't find my phone. I grabbed Mike's and called to see if I could hear it. Nothing.


What was I going to do?

I looked at Mike, told him I would find him and took off, retracing my steps. I had Mike's phone still and called, got voicemail, hung up, called again...over and over. I was getting frantic. Finally, somebody answered my phone, "Draper Ikea, this phone is lost..."

Yes! An answer, now to find it...upon inquiring, still a bit frantically, as to the whereabouts of my phone, I was directed to the employee lounge. I found Mike, found my phone, discovered I couldn't rejoin Mike through the same door as it was locked from the inside. Really? You have to have an employee badge to get onto the sales floor, but not into the employee area? Strange...but I reunited, and all was good. I had my phone.

I never knew I was so dependent on a phone before. What does that say about me? I would rather not know.

Monday, March 8, 2010


This is a little something that I discovered from my friend Mindy, who also went private. When I read blogs, I go through Google Reader, and private blogs never show up as being updated. When I post on my blog when I go private, I will add an update here:

The update will not be my blog update, but rather, just an update letting you know that I posted on my blog.

If you go through Google Reader, add this link to your subscription list and you will always know when I have updated. Otherwise, you can go through the general, click the link to check updates.

I will probably be going private by Wednesday (but definitely by Sunday) so don't forget to request!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just a reminder that I am going private and if you want to continue following, you gotta drop a comment with your e-mail. Don't worry that you don't see past comments showing up, I am not publishing the comments that have e-mail addresses so that they aren't out there for everyone to see. Just a quick note, dlh129, I have no idea who you are! If you could send me another comment letting me know who you are, that would be awesome!

I know you want to continue seeing awesome pictures like:

E hangin out at the Utah Flash Game
E with his best buddy
E getting daddy's drink (mommy doesn't want E
picking up daddy's bad habit)
Mike rocking E when he was sick.
Or E in his favorite (or really daddy's) pajamas.
Or E playing with his toys