Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awesome Baby Clothes

So, big E has something I have never had. He has 2 designer shirts.

A friend of mine in my ward gave them to us. They are ADORABLE!! I think they are my new favorite clothes to put Big E in. My friend's daughter started this company in California in an effort to stay at home with her little baby.

Check them out. The company is called Rocker Roos Clothing and she has cute little baby boy and baby girl outfits. If you look at the boy clothes, Big E has the Bennett and the John shirts. Seriously, I may need to buy them in bigger sizes and Big E grows out of the ones he has.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I have been thinking of going private for some time now. In the past, I have had some very random, and very unappreciated, comments on my blog from people I don't know. This is one of the reasons I moderate my comments now. I am concerned about the safety of my little guy and this would be the main reason I would go private.

I still am not 100% sure if it will happen, but if I do, and you would like to be invited to view my blog, drop me a line at travelingbeula at gmail dot com or leave me a comment.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last Sunday, our home teachers came. I love that we now have regular home teachers. In the 2 1/2 years we have lived in our ward, we were visited twice before our new home teachers. Anyway, back to their visit. The lesson was on our Celestial lineage. This started me thinking and I got a little worried. There is so much that I feel responsible for teaching E! After all, our Heavenly Father trusted this little guy to me and I need to raise him so he will be a well adjusted adult. I need to raise him so that he knows his Heavenly Father and Savior. It started to worry me a little, all this responsibility.

I voiced this concern to our home teachers. This is what they replied.

C - (Who has teenagers) Whenever I left my home, my mom would say, "Remember who you are and what you are to be." I hated it when I was growing up. Looking back though, I know by her saying this, it kept me out of trouble. It really made me remember.

M (who has a little baby himself) I haven't been worried about the responsiblity because of something Boyd K. Packer once said in a sealing he was performing. He asked the bride and groom what their responsibilities were going to be as parents. After a bit of discussion, he answered them. A mother's responsibility is to love and nurture her children. They should never not know that their mother loves them. A father's responsibility is to play and praise his children. If both parents do this, their children will grow up well. The gospel teaching moments will fall into place. Your children will be happy and well adjusted and will grow up knowing the things they need to know.

I loved these little thoughts! I have continued to think on them all week long. I have shared them here and there, but decided I needed to write them down so that I always have the record of them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It has been a long time since I have posted. I am very sorry about that. With me working full time, I tend to be a little selfish when I get home and spend my time with my big E. Right now, he is helping me type. Big E is growing by leaps and bounds! He is over 16 pounds now and wearing anywhere from 6-12 month outfits (depending on the outfit.) Nobody ever told me they grew up so fast! Well, I guess they tried, but I didn't believe them.

Since it has been so long since I posted, this post will have a TON of pictures. I apologize beforehand. I do hope you enjoy.

Here is a picture of big E wearing the hat that Grandma Winnie made. Isn't he handsome? It isn't the best picture. but he was having fun kicking and giggling in his crib as we were getting ready for bed.
This is big E showing how big he is! Look how good he is sitting up in the bumbo! He has now taken to chewing on his hands. He bites pretty good for not having any teeth. This is one of my favorite shirts that he has. M has taken to calling any plaid shirt a Bampa shirt, because that is all that Mike's dad wears. So here is big E wearing his Bamp shirt.
A while ago, I decided to try on the shoes that belong to Skooter, Big E's build-a-bear (that is really a wolf.) They fit! They did look rather funny though as they were much to wide and poor little E couldn't lift his legs. Who knew that a doll shoe was so heavy? Sorry that the picture is sideways. I always edited in photoshop, and that is on my computer that will not currently take a charge (or recognize that the plug is plugged in.) I need to figure out how to edit without photoshop. I am sure there are many ways, I just need to learn.
This year, we spent Christmas Eve with the Proctor family. It was a blast! We went to Rosie and Mark's new house and enjoyed yummy enchilada's and good times. Big E got a book from Santa that sings. (Trust me, there were 3 of them singing all at once.) Big E also got spoiled with new clothes and toys. Good times were had by all. The best? Mike and I got a beautiful picture of Timpanogos Temple from the Skinners. I love it! It got hung that night when we got home.

Big E and M got to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa. Big E LOVES Bampa!
Here are all the boys with their new jammies made by Grandma! You know how hard it is to get five boys (two of them babies) to look at the camera (or the 5 that were being used?) at the same time? But aren't they cute? T & B, I didn't call you cute! You two are handsome in those new jammies!Here is one of the outfits that Big E got. Again, sorry for the sideways picture. As you can see, Big E had to eat everything he got. That is how he knew if it was a great present or not. This one passed!
Here is Big E again in his Bampa shirt. I love this little guy! We have to put a bib on him if we want his shirt to remain dry. We have a BIG drooler!
Here is Big E with Grandma Winnie. We also went to see her on Christmas day. It was fun to see her two days in a row!
Here is E and Grandpa Jack on Christmas day. Don't you love the windswept look that E is going for with his hair? It is all the new style. Big E and Grandpa talked tractor talk with the John Deere blanket.
Christmas morning was so much fun with a baby! Even though E had no idea what was going on and was just along for the ride, it was fun. We would tear a little piece of the paper, get E to grab the paper and then we would pull the present away and it would "open." It made for a long time in opening presents, but it was fun!
For Christmas day, we started a new tradition. Because we have a little guy now, we wanted to start some traditions of our own that are important within our family. We decided that we would invite the grandparents of whichever family we didn't spend Christmas Eve with over for a Christmas dinner. It made for a fun day of going and seeing great grandparents and still knowing that we would get to spend some time with both of our families for the holidays. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this, because I was a bit busy and forgot.

This is how Big E welcomed the New Year. He completely slept through it! He did wake up shortly thereafter though when I put him in his pajamas and then kept both mommy and daddy awake into the new year. It was a fun evening.
Can you believe how big E is getting? You can see the little haircut I gave him. I trimmed the top so it wasn't so wild and crazy. It is a little difficult cutting the hair of a 3 1/2 month old, but I think it turned out pretty good. This is one of his 6 month onsies that if we had delayed anymore time, he wouldn't have gotten to use. He is just growing too fast. In the next few pictures, you can also see what a little drooler we have. Trust me, he can soak you if you aren't careful. If he keeps it up, we may need to invest in some rain slickers. :)
Last but not least, I wanted to show my new haircut. I was so tired of living in ponytail land (I think I have worn one almost everyday since June) that I chopped it. It is now too short (mostly) for a ponytail and I LOVE IT! Mike is trying to get used to my shorter hair. He better hurry, because it might be here to stay for a bit.