Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yeah! Our blog isn't boring anymore! I finally figured out how to change it around, with a lot of trial and error. For some reason, whenever we upload a header, it changes the color, so we learned that if we upload it once, than save the header and upload the funky colored header, it will turn out the colors that we want. This is how the funk colored one looked.
So we decided that we couldn't really have a pink header in January, because, hello, we are not celebrating Valentine's Day, so we decided that we were happy that we could figure out how to change it to the blue!

Christmas was a blast! I have to admit that it was really hare taking 2 separate distinct people, coming from 2 separate distinct family, with 2 separate distinct traditions is kinda hard. It is fun to take and mesh these two together. Besides the fact that Mike bought me 3 new complete outfits, even down to the shoes and socks! Mike (and his sisters) have good taste and I got some clothes that fit me, as everything else was too big. Mike has been enjoying his Christmas present for a month already, a new TV, surround sound and an entertainment center (the new TV didn't fit into the old entertainment center.I)

Most of all, we are looking forward to spending the New Year together, what fun to be able to celebrate the start of a new year with one you love.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Tubing (Scubing) Anyone?

For any of you who have looked at our blog in the last couple of days, it was even way more boring than usual. This is because I clicked on a link "Revert to Classic Template." Do not, I repeat, do not ever do this. It took me forever to figure out how to make it go back to what we had before.

Anyway, we got to go scubing on Saturday. It was a ton of fun! You will have to view some of our pictures. It was a totally fun day, from Mike saying, "I think I may be too old for this, " to Tait sneaking to the hill before anyone knew and flying down on a saucer, almost running into poles and a cement wall, to me, learning that I can scream like a schoolgirl going down the hill! Ya'll should try some tubing some time!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Figuring things out

I love when I try to figure new things out and they don't work. I decided to try to figure out how to upload a new header that I made for the blog...looks pretty cute huh? Except all the blue is supposed to be red. The picture I uploaded is correct, just somehow during the upload, the color changes. Weird....

Anyway, everyday that passes makes it one day closer to the nice long holiday weekend! Only 1 more day of work and then 4 wonderful days off! Yes! Hopefully, the snow will hold off until Friday night, and then really come down so that Mike and I can go 'scubing' with some fun, totally cute little nephews!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Temple Square

Have you ever been cold? What about freezing cold? Brrrrrr cold? You know, just plain cold! If you haven't, or you have just been too warm this winter, than you all should take a trip to Salt Lake's Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.

Mike and I decided to go up to Temple Square on Friday night. Not only was it extremely cold, it was also extremely busy. There was a concert going on and as a result, there was no parking anywhere. We were driving around and around when Mike offered to drop me off on the west side of the Temple and pick me up on the other side to give me a chance to see the lights, but it isn't any fun by yourself! After spending 20 minutes looking for parking, Mike asked me how I felt about going home and not looking at the lights. I made him keep looking for a parking spot. I am sure that he is glad I did, as it was absolutely beautiful!

Here are some pictures that we took Friday night. There were a lot of people, it was cold, but it was fun. We even went into the Deseret Book accross the street to warm up and to use the restroom, only to discover that there are people who don't lock stall doors! Yes, I walked in on an older lady. It was a little awkward. It was even more awkward when she kept apologizing to me! I guess if she had locked the stall door, I wouldn't have walked in in her!

Here are some more pictures!
Rosie commented that she missed a picture of Mike and I together, so here it is. My camera scares people and the couple that took our picture were scared to touch it after we asked them...but they did. So, as a result, Mike and I only got one picture together. We could have gotten more, but I forgot the tripod. Also, there were so many people that I would have worried about setting up a tripod to take a picture of Mike and I...somebody could have knocked it over! If you notice, Mike and I are blurry, but the Temple in the background is not! hahahahaMike and I are having a debate about the above picture. I took it blurry on purpose because I thought it looked cool. Mike says it messes with the eyes. So, create a comment to tell me what you think about the picture!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A really long time

I know, it has been FOREVER since I have updated our blog. I don't know what happened, it just got really busy in the last month of the semester. In the last week of school alone, I had, 7 papers due. Seriously way too many papers. Anyway, I have a ton to blog about, but I don't know that I will be able to fit it all in. I will start back and work forward, that will probably be the best.

First of all, I don't know if any of you notice, but my blog looks kinda boring compared to others in the family. Amanda tried to show me on Thanksgiving how to change my background, you know, spice it up, customize it, etc. Well, I thought I had it figured out, but because it was so long before I tried to change it, I guess I forgot what she showed me. I guess I will have to get her to help me at some point over the Christmas break.

Well, the first thing to talk about is our tree. Mike has grown up with an artificial tree. I did too, but for the last couple of years, a friend from work has cut me a tree from the mountains. Well, because of cost, we decided that this year we would get a real tree on our own. We went with Rosie and Mark, Nancy and Chase and all of Chase's family, to cut down our tree. It was a VERY long drive, but it was fun. Because I had left my camera at home, Rosie was kind enough to take pictures and send to us. We spent some time trying to find the perfect tree. We finally thought we had found it, cut it down, hauled it back to where everybody was and were met with, "You cut Charlie Brown's Christmas tree!" You can judge for yourself, it doesn't look so bad. It just has a lot of character!

Anyway, w
e brought our tree home and decorated it. It was a ton of fun. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. It definitely has a lot of character, which Mike says is another way of saying it is ugly. Mike isn't a big fan of the tree, but I am pretty sure that it will grow on him and he will be so excited to go cut another tree next year! Here is what our tree looks like all decorated. With all the decorations that Mike and I already had on our own, combined, we have quite the rockin house! It really looks cool from outside. We have had our neighbors comment on how cute our house is. In fact, our neigbhor accross the street told us that her daughters love looking out their front window every night to see if our lights are on. This is what they see from across the street. I am excited about Mike and I sharing our first Christmas. While it is crazy sometimes learning how to blend the different ways that we both did things, it is fun to know that we can start our own traditions together.

The best part of the Christas holidays is the fact that school is out for the semester! It is exc
iting to look forward to how few end of semesters that I have left! If all goes according to my plans, I only have 4 more end of semesters left! I am so excited.

So, I love traveling. For anybody that knows me, this is not a big surprise. One of the things that I love to do when I travel is to find one souvenir that represents where I have visited and bring it home. So, in the year 2000, I went to Denmark. It was actually quite a trip with a lot of countries visited, but this is a story about th
e souvenir that I brought home from Denmark. Well, Denmark happens to be one of the countries that Vikings were from, so they are a big thing over there. I brought home a little viking man, he kinda looked like Hagar the Horrible, if any of you have read that comic. Well, I had this little viking man sitting on a shelf of my bookshelf. He was adorable. He was wooden with a little wooden shield and club and a horned hat. He had red rabbit fur as hair and white rabbit fur as his little outfit. Well, the other day, I got out of the shower and Jake was looking like he had done something he knew he was going to get into trouble for. I couldn't figure it out. So, after I got dressed, in comes Jake with some fur stuck to his mouth. It was driving him nuts, so I took it off, and then was very curious as to where it came from. I go out into the living room and there on my rug, I see that my little viking man has been murdered! He could not fend off the greatest foe of his life, the big old dog, who is intent on eating all of his clothes and hair off! I always knew that there was the possiblity of one day, having my things destroyed, I just thought it would be by kids and not a dog who is smart enough to get things off the bookshelf that he wants to chew! But, we still love him! He does some pretty funny things like sitting on MIke when Mike is on the floor etc. We'll keep him, but only because he is so stinking cute!

Well, I will try to make a blog post sooner, so that it is not another full month before I blog again!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The most effective birth control ever

On Wednesday, we were asked by my sister Amy to babysit (overnight) Eliza and Porter while they went to a play. It would be overnight as the play would be getting out so late. On Friday morning, Mike received a call from Tait asking if we could babysit while Mommy and Daddy had their time together. Mike and I thought this was also an overnight babysitting visit. After discussing it, we decided we could take on four kids at a time and said yes. (By the way, if you want to read about Amanda and Cameron's date, catch up on their blog, The Skinner Scene.)

Because we were having so many kids, we decided the easiest thing to do was to get some Papa Murpheys pizza. By the time I got home, all the kids were here, already asking for candy and to watch movies. It was fun, but after a night of "Aunt Becky, can I...." "Aunt Becky can so and so..." or just plain crying, I was ready to put them all to bed at 8. Out came the air mattress to some excited, "It's a sleep over?" There was definitely a ton of help in getting the air mattress blown up. We get the kids (except for Porter who we lost to Granny when she got home from work) into their PJ's. This is when I noticed that the boys had no clothes for the next day, no pillows and for Blake, no nanett (his blanket). When I asked Mike about it, his response was, "He is getting to the age where he can do without his nanett." OK, he had it every other time, but maybe he would be OK without it.

So, we get them all ready for bed, listen as Tait prays and put them to bed, with the threats of no more noise. Mike and I, after only a couple of hours with 4 kids are exhausted, so we quickly join the hunt for bed. As soon as Mike's head hits the pillow, he is out, a feat that happens every night to which I am insanely jealous of...As I am dropping off, and responding to the "Aunt Becky, there is a monster in the kitchen." "Aunt Becky, there is a monster in the fireplace." etc, I hear a car door shut. At about 9:20, there is a knock on the door, there is Amanda to pick up her boys, kinda surprised that all the lights are off in the house.

After the confusion was settled, turns out Tait didn't want to go. Tait stayed for the night as Blake went off to home with mommy and daddy. I really think that I was asleep before Tait and Eliza. I could hear the whispering in the other room as I drifted off. Well, I can't really say whispering, I didn't hear Tait at all, but Eliza seemed to be yelling as she talked to Tait.

The next day started very early, at 7 AM. There should be some kinda law that kids sleep in on Saturday, but seems this won't happen anytime soon. Mike and I had a whole list of things that we wanted to accomplish on Saturday, so we decided to try to tackle this with 2 kids in tow. They included cleaning the inside of the cars, which needed it sorely, raking leaves off the driveway, cleaning out the laundry room (which included taking everything out, organizing, cleaning etc) and finally setting up the tent from the deer hunt to dry out. Oh yeah, and going to the dump to empty the green beast. As we started out, Tait and Eliza thought it would be fun to start cleaning also and started to rake the leaves. Tait asked me, "Aunt Becky, can I have a dollar for helping you?" I told him that I was sure that I could find a dollar because he was helping me to which Eliza responded, "Don't forget me!" "Don't worry, I can find dollars for both of you."

About the time that they finished their job, both of their parents showed up. As Amy left again to do my dad a favor, Amanda and Cameron were waiting for Tait to finish up. They were surprised that 1) He was doing work cheerfully and 2) He actually asked for more work to do. After they finished, Tait came up to me and said, "OK Aunt Becky, I am finished, can I have my $10 now?" $10? When did the price jump up? Tait has some smooth negotiating skills, but unfortunately, still only got his $1.

So, as much fun as the kids were, I have definitely decided that anytime you get baby hungry, you should take 4 kids for a couple of hours, even if it just ends up being 2 for the rest of time. I am happy that I had the opportunity though to watch the kids and am glad that they had fun, or seemed to. Blake even told his mom how Aunt Becky said that you went to the moon to eat cheese (this is from Wallace and Grommit if none of you have watched this movie.)

Free, fun date ideas

Mike and I have discovered a new wonderful thing to do, best of all, it is free! All it requires is the gas it takes you to get to Wal-mart.

Tuesday night, Mike and I went to Wal-Mart. Mike had heard that they had their Christmas section up, so of course, we had to stop by. As we were walking up all the isles, Mike found something that he liked. I didn't like it and let him know, so of course, Mike gets all set on getting it. Into the cart it goes and we continue our mean
dering ways around Wal-Mart. The entire time, I am trying to think up either excuses why we couldn't make our purchase, or trying to convince myself that I could be a good wife and let Mike get it and put it where he wanted. If you want to see what this was, take a look.

You can imagine why Mike likes it, it has to do with the outdoors and hunting. So, we are finally standing in the checkout line, waiting to make our purchases. I decide to make one final attempt to get Mike to give up the wonderful antler wreath...I point out some very large icicle ornaments that Mike had picked up and said, "You can get one or the other, but not both." "Nope, I am going to get both, because I want both." Hmmm...this was going to be more difficult than I thought. So I decided to take the straight approach. "Mike, I just really don't like that wreath." "Well, too bad, I do. You married me so I am going to buy it." One last chance. "OK Mike, you can get the wreath if I can get my star for the top of the Christmas tree." (Mike has this idea that the only thing that can go on top of a tree is an angel, I have never put an angel on top of my tree...) Mike takes the wreath and puts it off to the side of the checkout line, he is that against a star!

As I am laughing at how badly Mike doesn't want a star, the guy in the line behind us pipes up..."That is a nice wreath you lets you know a man lives here..." At this point, Mike is laughing and responded, "What, the two trucks in the driveway don't say that enough?" As they continue talking up the merits of the wreath, the guy in the line behind us then gets the guys behind him in on talking up the benefits of the wreath, all trying to convince me that we should get it. I see behind all these guys who are outnumbering me two women. In desperation, I took the wreath to them and asked them, "Excuse me, we are having a debate and I was wondering if you could tell me if you would buy this wreath to put in your home?" The older of the women looks at the wreath and very hesitantly says, "Yes, it is a very nice wreath," at which point Mike is ecstatic that a woman is joining in on the merits of the debate on his side. After pointing out to him that the answer was given very hesitantly, the woman responds, "I am from Washington state so that means I have no taste anyway."

At this point, we have the entire checkout line debating back and forth about the merits of this wreath. When it is our turn to checkout, the cashier commented that we were having too much fun in Wal-Mart at that time of night. She then proceeded to say that as a hunter, she would buy the wreath and use it. At this point, I have finally accepted that I am definitely outnumbered on the opinion of the wreath, but we are still not getting it as Mike doesn't want a star. We finish our checkout and as we are leaving we notice a young man and an older woman standing at the front of the store. The young man comes up to us and says, "I just wanted you to know that I have a freezer full of venison and I would not buy that wreath!" Finally! I had somebody who agreed with me! With that, Mike and I left Wal-Mart thinking that we had just spent ond of the most fun hours of the week.

So, the idea for the free, fun date is go to Wal-Mart, pick up something that is hideously ugly and debate the merits back and forth. See if you can get the people around you in line to join in. It was totally fun.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Busy Week

This week has been a very busy week. It started of with Halloween. Can there be any more of a crazy fun holiday than Halloween? Of course, we leave the process of finding costumes until the night before Halloween. I thought it would be a good idea to make Mike wear the same costume that I had last year. If you want to see what this was, take a look. I am the one on the right, the old woman

I am n
ot so sure that Mike was excited about being an old woman. I had to do some convincing and we had to buy a grey wig. I had used my own hair and sprayed it grey, of course we couldn't do that with Mike. Well, Mike started to get excited, especially when we found an old man's mask. He told me that if he was going to be the old lady, I was going to be the old man! OK, I would do it. This is what we looked like. It was awesome. I went to work all day as the old man, weirded some people out and had fun doing it! After work, Mike and I stopped by our ward's trunk or treat. We confused the bishop as he didn't know who the old lady was! hahaha! Anyway, we were told by a few people that our costumes were their favorite. We then left the trunk or treat and headed to Amanda and Cameron's to partake of some yummy chili and some of Amanda's scrumptious homemade cornbread. One day, I will try to make the cornbread and see if I do half as good a job! Halloween was definitely fun, except that we lost the belt on our car on the way home. That wasn't fun.

We really looked forward to the weekend, where we were spending some time in Park City. A couple of months ago, we had bought some time to stay up at Westgate, a 5 star resort up in Park City. We got 2 nights for $5
0 and they would give us a $50 gift certificate to be used on their premises (either at one of their restaurants or the spa.) All we would have to do is sit through a sales presentation for 90 minutes. You know, those high pressure sales presentations where they try to sell you something? We decided we could do it, enjoy the free weekend and say no at the same time. We were promised that we would be in a room with a kitchen, that it was a $250 a night room. We were excited. We got up there and were told, "We're sorry, we are all booked out (yeah right, we had reserved this a month ago) and need to put you in anther hotel. It is just as nice and just as big." Well, OK. They put us in the Park City Peaks Hotel. Turns out, we got the distinct feeling that you only get to stay in Westgate if you have purchased their timeshare package. The 90 minute presentation was 2 1/2 hours and every time we said no, they were like, "OK, it isn't for everybody." and they would proceed to bring somebody else to try to sell us on it. The Peaks hotel is a nice hotel, it just isn't what we were expecting. This is a picture of the Peaks. If anyone is planning on going to Park City, we would suggest that you stay here. Overall, it was a fun weekend, a chance to get away from real life, a chance to relax. even though we through another belt and learned that when Low Book Sales replaced our alternator, they either put in the wrong one or installed it wrong as it sits behind all the other wheels and tears through belts. Not a cheap problem to have...Well, we hope that everybody else enjoyed their Halloween and weekend as much as we did ours!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

In All Fairness

So, after our last post, I decided that in all fairness, I needed to share some of the things that I have done that are not so, well, smart. Sometimes (a lot of times actually, but don't tell anyone) I do things before my brain catches up and, well, I am sure some of you have seen the results.

#1 - We went bowling last night. I know, I told y'all that we were both improving our games...does that include learning to hit yourself in the face with the bowling ball? What? Did you read that right? You sure did, I hit myself in the face with the bowling ball. It wasn't easy, let me tell you that much. As I was pulling my ball up (in severe concentration) before I started to bowl, I misjudged the distance and hit myself. I wouldn't suggest you try it, it kinda hurts.

#2 - You all read how we went to the deer hunt last weekend. What you didn't read was how I decided my tennis shoes smelled too much like wood smoke to wear. I decided to wash them. There is nothing wrong with that, but in the process of drying them, I decided to put them on the heat vent. We only have one heat vent in our home, it is a big one and you can see the furn
ace directly under it. Because I wanted the insides to dry, I put them upside down. The next morning, I smelled something like burning rubber. I decided to take the shoes off. Later in the morning, when I went to put them on, I noticed that the right one in particular, looked kinda funny. A little brown, a little shriveled. Oops. I could live with that but the insert was a complete, shriveled little thing. So, I ruined my tennis shoes. Shame shame as I wore them almost every day.

#3 - About a month ago, the entire Proctor clan went fishing. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is probably one of the things I would not do on my own. Fish? Gross. Anyway, we were all sitting in chairs along Gooseberry Reservoir and I noticed that it was raining on the lake. I didn't feel it raining on me so I said, "Look, it only rains on the lake here!" Well, it has quickly become the joke of the family, that whenever Becky is along, it only rains on the lake, it doesn't rain where she is!

I am sure that I could go on and on as normally my brain sometimes (often) goes into slow mode, but I probably have given you enough fodder at this time to laugh at me for quite awhile. Please, make any teasing merciful and kind.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Haircut anyone?

Mike has been complaining about his hair recently. He can't stand it long, if it hits the back of his ears, it is too long. He is also tired of it being short. I am not much help as I don't know what else to tell him to try with his hair. So, yesterday, I got a surprise. Mike had gone into the bathroom aand after a little bit, called for me to come. I was very hesitant, but I went anyway. I opened the bathroom door and there was Mike, standing in front of the sink with his razor/clippers in his hand. I couldn't help it, I started to laugh. His hair looked like this from the back (please excuse the rough drawing, Mike wouldn't let me take any pictures.)

After laughin
g for a bit, I took the clippers from Mike and tried my best to fix it, but there wasn't too much I could do, besides the fact that I am probably the most inexperienced hair person alive! This is what Mike's hair looked like when I was done.

At this point, I really couldn't stop laughing. Mike kept telling me to stop laughing at him. I responded I wasn't laughing at him, but with him, to which he responded, "I am not laughing." He did have to chuckle himself though when I gave him a mirror so he could see his handiwork. As possible solutions, I suggested that we could either shave his whole head, or we could even Bic it. Mike absolutely refused to Bic his head, although he is giving the shaved head a second thought.

If in the next few weeks, you see Mike wearing his baseball cap non-stop, or wearing a beanie, you will know why. Please don't tease him too bad though, he is still kinda cute!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Deer Hunt

Well, I survived my first deer hunt! What a weekend. We arrived at the place where we were camping about 5:00 PM on Friday. It was a beautiful day! We were wearing t-shirts while we set up our tent. Mike built a fire in our wood fireplace...and it was a bit hot in the tent. The way the day was shaping up, I didn't think we would need the fireplace at all, even though it had forecast snow the next day, but when does it ever do what the weatherman says?

This is a picture of our tent and the beautiful weather we set it up in. Wow, it had to be at least 75 degrees! Nice.

Everybody else arrived about 7:30-8 that night. It was just long enough that Mike's mom started to worry about where everybody was. They arrived and it started to get colder. Hmmm...there must be some significance to this. We ate dinner and hung out in the camper while the men leveled the camper out. Have you ever tried to cook a pot of chili while the camper is rocking back and forth in an effort to level it out? It wasn't the easiest thing ever.

At about 9, everybody decided to head to bed as the men wanted to get an early start (come on, really? 4:30 AM?) in the morning. Turns out, it wasn't that early, it was more like 5:30 in the AM. I did learn a valuable lesson. If you are staying in a tent, do not, under any circumstance, get dressed with the light on. You create a silohette show for anybody outside the tent! Remember this. Anyway, as we went to bed, I was a bit worried about being cold, but it was warm in the pile of sleeping bags and blankets that we had on. Actually, the only time that I got cold was when Mike decided he was cold and sat up to start the heater and took all the blankets with him! Brrrrr!

Here is a picture of all the men starting off on the hunt. It was cold and Rosie and I were only too glad to stay in the truck waiting for them to come back and let us know they got a deer. Dad and Mike ended up coming back to let us know they had lost Cameron and Mark and we then went driving looking for them. Unfortunately, there were no deer to be found, they seemed to know it was the hunt. The does knew they were safe and were out in many numbers, the bucks stayed hidden. If I had to state my opinion on the deer hunt, it may be to drive around in the truck, looking for a good place to hunt the deer and commenting on how many hunters there are. Mike says there is more to it than that, but maybe it was the weather...we were in the truck a lot.

While we were out and about, it started snowing, and since the deer aren't moving around in the snow, we all went back to camp to take naps. Well, we woke up to this. It snowed a lot! Tait and Blake made a snowman and Jake got introduced to what snow is. He isn't afraid of snow like he is of the rain. The Skinners and Curtis' left Saturday night, with a little concern about getting out of there in the snow, but it appears they made it home ok, as they are all home.

Sunday, it was a nice and relaxing end to the weekend as we had to get Mike's truck unstuck, twice and loaded up camp. Taking down the tent was amazingly easy and I think that I will definitely join the hunt next year, although it was a little hard to get any homework done. Homework? on the hunt? Yes, unfortunately, it was necessary.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Preparations for the first deer hunt

Mike is really big into the outdoors. In fact, I think if Mike could live out in the mountains, he would. Then there is me. I am ok camping, I have done it all my growing up with the girl scouts and young women, but I love the conveniences of being in the city. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy camping while I am camping, but I love it when I get home. You could probably blame my mom on this attitude. My mom hates the mountains. Her idea of camping was going and spending a weekend at the family cabin. Heaven forbid if you put my mom into a tent. I just can't imagine her spending a week in the tent, not to mention all the small, furry animals with beady eyes that could be lurking about!

Anyway, Mike is really excited about introducing me to my first ever deer hunt. He made sure to get a tent that has a stove in it so that I will be warm. "After all," says Mike, "I have to make sure that you will go deer hunting with me next year!" With all the preparations, I have to admit I am getting a little excited about going. With the excitement comes the aprehentiong. The fact that I have to wear orange if I go anywhere outside the tent. The fact that I will probably be very cold and love the idea of a stove in my tent. But, how can you not be excited when every 5 minutes Mike is telling you how excited he is to introduce you to the deer hunt. I did let Mike know that we would be hunting in different ways. He will shoot his deer his way (with a rifle) and I will shoot my deer my way (with a camera). When Mike gets his deer, I have to admit, I will not know what to do with it. Where will we put it? Can we borrow freezer space? How will I cook it? I guess this is part of being a newlywed, you get to learn new things!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our First Post

It seems to be the thing to do to create a blog, so we decided to jump on the bandwagon. As this is our first blog, we should introduce ourselves. We are Mike and Becky. We have been married for 3 1/2 months, wow, how the time has flown by. Mike drives a truck, hauling clay, sand or rock, whichever needs to be done on any given day. Becky works and goes to school, working towards a degree in English Education...hello teaching here I come.

One of the things that Mike and I have recently found a love for is bowling. You must understand how rare this love comes. I am not a good bowler and have been known to bowl a 9 through the entire 10 frames of bowling. Yes, you read that right, a 9. That accounts for a lot of gutter balls throughout a game. Mike has been known to join the ball in going down the lane. If you want some entertainment, you should see this. However, we decided to join my sister and brother in the game and have gone every Saturday for a little over a month. Both of our games have definitely improved. Mike got 5 strikes in a row last week and I was very ecstatic to get a strike, which never happens for me, only to be followed up with another strike!

We have one child, a puppy really. His name is Jake and he is a very adorable, if mischievous beagle puppy. He is definitely spoiled by Mike and gets to do lots of things with Mike that I never allow, such as getting on the couches and getting on the hair all over. He definitely knows who will allow him to get away with things.

For a first post, this is us. We will write again and try to be entertaining as we chronicle our newlywed lives.