Sunday, October 6, 2013


Back in August, we went up to the family cabin for some much needed relaxation. It was so nice!! We took our friends, the Peacocks, and the boys had fun playing with friends the whole time. We walked to the beaver pond, explored the bear cave, hike to the water tower, and went to the reservoir . It was lots of fun!

Sunset - so beautiful!

I want out!

Silly boy

He did NOT like the life jacket

M and E entertained themselves for 10-15 minutes jumping off this tiny rock

Love this - Daddy and his boys

Last year, when we went, the beach was so perfect! This year, you sunk up to your ankles in mud. What else do you do but throw it back to the lake?

Jamie - one of the few times he just relaxes.

Best friends

Nice throw W!


The littles entertained themselves throwing all the rocks into the lake.

Helping hands

Bear cave!

Monster does not like to be left behind at all!

Love these kids!

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