Sunday, October 6, 2013

Updated Pictures of the boys

I decided that I needed some updated pictures of my boys to post on my wall, so we decided to go up the canyon today. We packed the boys into the car and drove to Cascade Springs. I guess I didn't realize that it seems to be the thing to do on Conference Sunday in Utah. It seemed that all of Utah County was there and on the road. I tell ya, it was a good thing Mike drove because I would have been a nervous wreck on those narrow roads with steep drops and all the cars! We didn't even stop at Cascade Springs because of how many people there were, but kept driving to a little campground a couple of miles away from the springs where it was more secluded.

Monster fell asleep and was less than cooperative for pictures as we had to wake him up. Little Man found a grasshopper (and caught it!) and then we had to keep giving the grasshopper to Monster to keep him happy. He thought it was his, which made E sad. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Monster is trying to take the grasshopper from Little Man

Telling on big brother, "He was touching me!"

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