Thursday, October 4, 2012


About a week and a 1/2 ago, I agreed to take my friend's family pictures. They turned out super cute by the way! I decided to try to get some pictures of my adorable boys before we met up with my friend.
He pulls this face all the time.
 We started of at Mike's parent's home as we had stopped to say hi to them. I had found matching (somewhat) outfits. Thankfully, we had purchased the shirt Baby K is wearing last December. I have been waiting to put him in it because, even though it is 12 month, and that is what he is wearing right now, it is long sleeved. I didn't think Baby K would be doing 12 month clothing at 5 months old! Good thing I dug it out of the closet because it fits just perfect!
I love his smile!
Gettling Little Man to look at the camera and actually smile was hard! He wanted to be doing anything else but just sitting there. Or, he would smile, and when I woudl ask him to smile again, he would reply, "I aweady smiled mom." The boy was stubborn! It is a good thing he is so cute!
Looking up at daddy
After taking some pictures at Mark & Sue's home, we moved to the Ameican Fork Ampitheater. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect! When we got there, all Little Man wanted to do was run after the bunnies and explore. It was even more difficult to get him to sit still and take pictures. But we got some.
OK Mom, I will look at you.

Little Man loves babies. Having his own makes him REALLY love babies. During the shoot, some of the only smiles I got that were real was when he saw another family with there little baby. He was super excited.

Do I have to be here?
I love my boys. There is no doubt about it. Little Man loves Baby K and Baby K loves Little Man. Little Man is able to get the best laughs from Baby K, and he doesn't even have to work for them! The other night, Baby K was in the highchair and Little Man was jumping up, trying to get magnets off the fridge. It must have been hilarious because Baby K couldn't stop laughing, which then had all of us laughing!
Look Mom! There is a baby over der!

I am so lucky to be these two adorable boys' mom. Seriously, I lucked out in the child department. They are both easy going, even while trying to assert their independence. They are happy and smiley and share love and joy without reservation.

I awready smiled mom!
Please enjoy the rest of the pictures! I know I am going to!
Brotherly love!

These two boys love each other and it melts my heart.

One of my favorites of Little Man, taken after he has run all over and
gotten sweaty and hot. But still adorable!

We can be finished, right?

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